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Sexy young lady hoping of getting her dream nose

Ai Papis! I am a 20-yo Latina- girl living in Germany who is in desperate search for somebody who will help me fulfill my years-long dream and get me a small...


Sexy future model needs bigger boobs !

Hi ! I'm 20 years old and I've always tryed to embrace small boobies, but I'm at the point in my life that I want to be comfortable in my own skin , I was looki...

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Want a curvaceous body and booty

Hi! I am a 21 year old college girl looking for a more curvaceous body. I love to work out but it hasn't given me the results I am looking for. I am looking to ...


Young mother, looking for a little help getting my tummy together!! BBL

I am a 33 yr old mother looking for some help to make myself feel more secure about my body!


Help two friends get their perfect pouts!

We are two British girls aged 19 and 21 in desperate need of a plumper pout. We are both quite shy when it comes to our lips, and we want the confidence that bi...

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RhondaLee Revamp!

Hi and thanks for reading my profile. I am saving up to get a replacement breast augmentation and Blepharoplasty. eye surgery. I go for the consultation in Jun...


Yummy mum in need of help

Hi all I got pregnant at 22 I never really had any female guidance around at the time so I itch and itch and itch causing some really deep stretch Marks that ha...

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Please help me FIND MY SMILE..

hello everyone & thanks for taking the time to read my story. I'm 37 years old & desperate for help. I've never been bigger than a AA cup & as much ...


Desperate to fund breast reduction/uplift!

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am a 26 year old single mum, I have always had large breasts and started developing early. Since then I ...

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I have tried every diet there is, with no luck and impossible to lose my fat. I have only lost 50 lbs, eating healthy and exercising, yet my fat just won't shed...

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Sexy Topless Model Needs Bigger Boobs

Hi! My name's Sarah and I'm a young topless model from the UK. Recently I was scouted by an online adult film maker who has offered me an amazing career in high...



I originally came to this sight in hopes to get help with my breast augmentation. So far, I have had no luck in getting donations. Maybe I do not look desperate...


Help me be a hot girl with sexy boobs

Hey guys, I'm an 23 years old woman named Jessica, who is mother of a little son. After the pregnancy, my body isn't the same (thats normal and okay). But my...


Please Read!! In need of your help! Contact for pics

Hello! Firstly, feel free to message me to exchange stories, pictures etc. I am here to make friends as well as gratefully welcome donations! Now for my stor...

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My dream boobies!

Hi! I'm Stella. I teach yoga in Southern California. I love reading and a nice glass of wine! I've always wanted big breasts, and promised myself if by 25 I d...


Please regain my confidence….Breast Augmentation/Lift

I am a 46 year old single deaf mother. I had my breast augmentation 16 years ago for my 30th birthday by Dr. Sandra Bouzagalou. She did a great job on my brea...


Help me get a BIGGER Booty :) (Brazilian Butt Lift)

5'1, 130lbs gray eyed, brown beauty, single mother , and college student desperately wanting a bigger butt, and a coke bottle shape.


BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) For A Sexy, Young, Irish Girl

Hi everyone, I am a sexy, young, Irish girl looking for your help! I have big, beautiful, natural boobs and want a nice big butt to match them :)...


Seeking the chance to smile

Hey, I'm a little nervous to be here but I'm hoping this is a friendly place and that maybe you can help. I'm in my 20s, slim with brown hair and blue eyes. I l...


Please Help Me Get A Hot Mummy Makeover

Hi my name is Teresa im a 37 year old mum of three beautiful kids i always put them and everyone else first an will continue to do so. I have recently lost a lo...

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Help me get my body back! Tummy tuck

Hey there! I am a 22 yr old mother of one looking to restore my body and confidence. I had my son very young and it resulted in a lot of excess and sagging sk...


Slim waist , big booty ;)

Pretty girl looking for a dream body :) will be happy to exchange pictures ! I have some boobs but would love for them to be much fuller. I would also love even...


Yummy mum in need of help

Hi all I got pregnant at 22 I never really had any female guidance around at the time so I itch and itch and itch causing some really deep stretch Marks that ha...


Please help our hero (burn victim)

I have been in a abusive relationship for several years and many people warned me several times to run away before it gets worse but I would tell them that it w...


Bimbo Transformation! Help wanted :)

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine, and I'm on a quest to finally look on the outside how I feel on the inside :) I desire that fake, bimbo look to tell the world ...


Breast implants

Hello! I really have always wanted breast implants,but I have never had the opportunity to save for them. I’m turning 24 in April 18th and work 3 jobs just ...


Genuine, warm, fun & pretty…with a dream of huge breasts

Hi, I'm Livvy. I am a confident, happy, intelligent and perceptive female. I'm always smiling and will always see the positive in life. I would say the adage...


I Need To Get My Groove Back

I'm seeking fat transfer surgery to snatch my waist fat and transfer it to give me a fabulous ass.I have done multiple diets,detox and workouts. But I can't get...

Ummm, someone thought my brother was my son!!!

Desperately needing help. Just had a birthday, but it was not happy. Went to dinner and someone asked if my brother was my son. Needless to say I was devasta...

College Girl In NEED of a BBL!!! Please HELP! ;)

College Girl In NEED of a BBL!!! Please HELP! ;)

I'm currently in college and can't possibly afford to get the cosmetic surgery that I desire. Yea, I've tried, but it just doesn't work out. I've felt insecure ...

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