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Make Me Smile – Literally! Veneers for otherwise flawless face

I’m looking for someone to fund my cosmetic dentistry. I want veneers for my teeth, and though I live in New York, have an appointment […]


tired of being depressed

My whole life I have been very unhappy and self conscience. I have always been ” chubby” with a flat chest and flat behind. I […]

I need a change

I am a 35 year old woman and for a long time my nose has been a significant insecurity of mine. My nose is uneven […]


Please help me get to where I want to be

Hi there, I am a 21 year old college student in my third year and am super excited to be getting a boob job in […]


I’m tired of having Shrek’s knees.

Hello. Just like my profile says, I’m 23, a single parent and money’s tight. My family has a “fat knee” trait and it sucks. I’m […]


Attractive 22yo needs help getting dream body!

[[INTRO]] My name is Sukane, and I am an attractive, young Japanese-American girl who is asking for your help. For any generous members out there, […]


Hottie nurse needs her boobies back

Recently found out I have some breast lumps that need to be removed but cannot afford the surgery fee for breast augmentation following procedure. The […]


Beautiful model wanting the right size

I have been wanting to increase my breast size for a long time. I would like to go from a size A to D but […]


Help me turn my Tits into Treasures:)

IF YOU HELP OUT YOU WILL BE CHANGING MY LIFE!!!! Hello and thank you very much for reading my ad! I’ve never done anything like […]


Athletic girl big booty no boobies 18 yr old

Athletic ! Thin 52 kg, need boobies to match the booty !! Please help me reach my goal to see the outcome of your help […]

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