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Please help me fix my botched nose

Please help me get my life back. I had a nose job, and the doctor deformed me and I need to get it fixed. I […]


Mommy makeover for mom in need

Hi guys I am a mother of two. I just had my baby five months ago since then I have been in the gym every […]


I need a mommy makeover please help!

I am a 33 year old mother of 2 who needs a mommy makeover so I can get back to feeling good about myself.I work […]


Please help me get my life back

Hi, so long story short I have finally gotten myself out of an abusive relationship after 10 years! During those years my nose was badly […]


Mommy makeover help

Proud mother of five sons. Two of which via cesarean section. Just looking to return my body back to close to what it was before. […]



Hi, My name is Cherie xx I am 35 years young and I have always wanted a smaller forehead, smaller nose and now an eye […]


Mama of 3 kids looking to get confidence.

  I have a severe case of tuberous breast deformity, with extremely small breast. Desiring at least a small c or large full b if […]

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In need of some major work

I am not a young woman but still look somewhat good from the outside for my age I had been in a accident over 30 […]


Give me the perfect ass

Help me achieve the perfect round and juicy booty. I want that sought after hour glass figure men lust for. Any amount will help me […]


Curvy girl wanting more curves!

I am a 26 year old, mother, full time college student and employee, working for a degree in business. I realllllly want to just take […]

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