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College Cutie Needs 4.0 Tits

Hi, my name is Gia. I'm a college cutie from southern California who spends all her free time in a tiny bikini on the beaches. I would like to say I'm 100% conf...


Help make a sexier me!

Hi! I am a 5 ft 10 inch tall drink of water with curves in all the right places....and some in not the right places in my opinion. All I need is a small amount ...


Beach bunny needs wet bouncing Boobies

My name is Cass.I live close to the beach and enjoy spending time at the beach, but I just want to feel good about myself in a bikini. I want to have two beauti...


Help me get my pre-cancer breasts back!

Hello, my name is Aria and I want to say thank you for taking the time to read why I am here. Even knowing that people take interest in my story means so much t...



I want to have surgery to lose weight

My double chin

Overcoming abuse with a beautiful new me

Hello, friends. I am wanting a neck lift for somewhat unorthodox reasons. I grew up in an abusive household. Both of my parents abused me in multiple ways. W...


I just want my body back

Im seekings a brazilian butt lift. If you're unsure what that is it is a fat transfer into youre butt. I had a child three years ago. I have been struggling to ...


This girl wants to rock a bikini again!

Hey! I have had one child 7 years ago which has left me not looking so hot in a bikini.I'm talkin about a stomach that looks like a road map! I would love to we...


please help me feel normal

hi my name is donna and im 30 years old i have worked hard to lose a hugh amount of weight and now iam left with so much lose skin it makes me feel sick to look...


I just wanna feel normal :(

Hi! My names Kaitlyn, I'm a lucky mom to the most amazing little boy ever! My son just turned 7 last week :) Not even two months after the birth of my son I end...

Cosmetic Ads / Most Popular

hate myself PLEASE HELP

UPDATE: 20/6/2015 OK nearly 1000 views and still no interest. I've found a surgeon and a potential date. If I can raise just over £1000 then I book the surge...

After i got my new glasses

My Vagina Is Broken, HELP

I can't believe i'm even making this page, i'm so worried that everyone's going to read it and laugh at me. Since i was a little girl, i wanted this surgery,...


Blonde Barbie Needs bOObs

My Wish List: Breast Implants - $12,000 Currently: $318 / $12,000 (updated 05/10/15) Any contributions help, so thank you in advance! Ever since...

A good example of my goal body (if she had smaller boobs)

The starving artist (so to speak)

Can we beat the clock? FREE is access to my profile and story below Donations of $50 + receive a picture of me Donations of $150 + is a before picture of m...


****College Ebony needs perfect Boobs***** kik me

Willing to exchange photos, snapchat, text , Skype!!! Don't be shy KIK me : calibornbree put plastic help so I know!! Help me get my boobs and TT ...


Pretty Vagina Wanted

I've been living with an "outie" vagina my entire life (27 years). It's ugly, and humiliating. I've developed ways of standing to hide it and literally never le...

Big boobed college student in need of a better nose!

this site does't work

Japan photo shoot

Sexy Mommy Makeover

Hi! I could really use your help. I am in need of cosmetic surgery. I have a few job offers for swimwear companies and lingerie companies. I am in need of a mom...


Bigger is Better

Im 20 years old. Im not happy with my breast size. I have already spoken to a plastic surgeon. He said the procedure would cost $5000. I have raised 1/4 of the ...

Big boobs

SUPER SEXY pics? YES :) *Click me*

No sob story here, I'm a 20 year old college student who wants to fulfill her dreams in the modeling industry and branch off into many more careers. My goal is ...

Cosmetic Ads / Random

I feel beautiful inside. I want to feel beautiful outside.

Hello! My name is Alison and I am 27 years old. I am a happy, healthy, active person who has been discovering what makes me content in life and striving to be t...


Face Lift/Lip repair

I am 56 years old. My husband put me through 21 years of hell. He recently got laid off from a great paying job and wants to divorce me because he said he has...


Brazilian Butt Fat Transfer, from tummy to butt!

I am a 23 year old happy bubbly girl, and I know I am fairly attractive but I have never felt confident enough to flaunt my body while I am young - I just want ...


i want to be me again

My name is kas i am 28 years old and a mummy of 2. I have recently just had my second baby, and he is gorgeous. Just since i have had him. I just am not me anym...

photo (2)

Please help me achieve my goal x

Hello Guys, my names monique. Im 22 from London and currently saving for a Brazilian but lift. I have a slim body and large breasts but I just feel I would be a...



I’m like a present, with every piece of tape you peel off, your anticipation heightens. I love adventure, living life to the fullest, making the most out of eac...


hate myself PLEASE HELP

UPDATE: 20/6/2015 OK nearly 1000 views and still no interest. I've found a surgeon and a potential date. If I can raise just over £1000 then I book the surge...

Just want to be me again.

Hello, I am a 34 yr old happily married mother of 2. My story begins about 22 years ago. I was always severely obese and abused. At around the age of 25 I weigh...


please help ME because I’m the flattest :p

Hello! My name is Tina. I'm a 20 year old college student, and I'm desperately trying to save for a breast augmentation! My goal is to get model measurements o...


Breasts & Confidence needed after losing my Son

Member Since: March 23, 2015 Description This year (2015) i am 29 years old . I lost my first and only child November 2013. He was born via emergency c-se...

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