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I want my confidence back! Help me please

I need a total body transformation! I became a mother a young age, and ever since I’ve never felt completely myself. I uses to be […]


My boobs need life back

Had breast implants removed because of health issues. ( it was very painful) Now I am left with two empty pockets hanging down which I […]


Help Me Get My Dream Surgery

Been really embarrassed of my nose ever since i was little and it bothers me more and more each day. I really really would love […]



The past 4 years have been very difficult for me. Im grateful to he alive and I have come along way. I was physically assaulted […]

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Honest, legit help, Dr information provided. I have done as much as I could...

Hello, My name is Rosalina, I have had a broken bridge, and a crooked tip since 2004. Dr Raja Srour (at Doheny Sunset Surgery Center) […]


Dream Body

I want a total body transformation! I would need a BBL, breast lift with fat transfer, and lipo360 – possibly a tummy tuck and ab […]


Make My Dreams My Reality

Hello, my name is Fatima. I was once 200 pounds and I’m only 5’2. I struggled with depression, image issues, wanting to fit in, and […]


My awful confidence shattering nose

I was badly beaten up at 15 years old by around 10 males, resulting in my nose being severely deviated and droopy at the tip. […]


Botched surgery by Military Hospital

I’m attractive but my nose is crooked and big. I broke it in the military and the doctor who was doing the surgery told me […]


New nose, new me!

I’ve been struggling with my appearance for as long as I can remember.. specifically my nose. I despise it and I’ve tried hard to accept […]

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