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Help me with my confidence after losing 100pounds

Hello everyone, I am asking for help to raise money for a tummy tuck and breast implants. In the last 2 years ive lost 100 […]


Single Mom Needs Help Getting Her Body and Confidenxe Back *Photos Provided...

Hey y’all! I’m a single mom of two who’s had a rough time with the single life. I’m 39 years old and, while I wouldn’t […]


Seeking help to gain my confidence, by funding me for breast implants and a...

I’m a twenty one year old female living in the uk, looking for help to fund my Breast implants and tummy tuck, I Can send […]


Sexy Irish Redhead Seeking A Pretty and BIG Ass

Sexy bad ass redhead ! Irish princess . Bad girl but great in bed. Big natural tits needing a ass to match !


Black Doll in need of Lipo and BBL makeover

Hi everyone, I am a British girl currently looking to raise funds for Lipo and BBL makeover. I used to be a happy go lucky […]


AAA needs B! Please Help me

Hi, My name is Jes and I’m 26yo. As you can see on my pictures I haven’t got any tits and it’s depressing me a […]


28 year old rock chick who wants flat stomach back!

Hi! I’m a confident, bubbly positive person. As like everyone I have had bad times and more so recently. I have always been a good […]


Hoping for a miracle to make me perfectly happy and confident

I’m 20yrs old. I have tattoos and a couple small piercings. I’m bisexual so I’ve always appreciated the female body. The problem is, mine does […]


Sweet Sugary Miss needs money for surgery..

Dear all, My name is Liliana and I live in the U.K. I am a pretty 27 years old Miss who needs money which I […]


20 years old and areolas are too big :(

I’m a 20 year old college student living in LA and have been dreaming of an areola reduction for many years now but money has […]

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