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About aerialgirl4

  • Member Since: October 8, 2017


Unemployed, but have BS and MA.

I like travel, food, and adventures. I love making people laugh.

I am 31/f from New Jersey. Blue eyes, brown hair (long - past shoulders).

I am hoping to raise money for first time breast implants and a revision nose job. Dr. Chris Inglefield in London, UK for the breasts ($8000), Dr. Kassir in New Jersey for the nose ($17,500).

I've had a lot of trauma with the nose, people used to call me beaky, rat face, butter face. It was fixed initially by an ENT in 2010, but there are still problems with it, mostly the tip needs refinement. I find myself being given less job offers, less opportunity in life because of it and I just want it fixed!

As for the boobs, I was always a thin girl, a bit bigger now (130lbs) due to an injury to my arm but I intend to get back to around 120lbs in the next 6 months. I never had much boobs and I feel like my body is stuck in an androgynous state when I want to be the feminine woman that I am. I want to wear sexy clothes!! Low cut tops are not sexy on me right now! I have no cleavage unless I squeeze my boobs together :(.

Please help :). Thank you <3 xxxx

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