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About Alixandra2302x


I hate writing these, it’s a bit cringey writing about yourself haha, I’m 24 years of age I’m a Aries, I would say I’m quite a down to earth girl, I’m abit cheeky and geeky I like reading books and doing actual puzzles. I have quite a few tattoos, I’m not girly, I think I own two pairs of heels and three handbags.. make up doesn’t bother me, I wear it but I could happily go bare face and jump in a pool and not worry about getting my hair wet lol, I am quite sexual which I think intimidates boys as I’m not shy to express my sexuality I’m definitely not eye candy or trophy wife, as I have a voice, and it will be heard if I’m passionate about topic, but I’m a total sweetheart, manners are so
Important doesn’t hurt to say please and thank you Ever, I’m always the one who offer elders for help or anyone for that matter,

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