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I'm a 43 year old single mother. Raised my children on my own for 15 years. I'm on this site because I'm looking for help to get breast augmentation done becauseI was always a small woman then I put on weight and with it breast but as I lost the weight I lost the breast and now they just sag and look awful. I don't know why other people ask but that's one reason why I do. I would also like a tummy tuck because I had a hysterectomy and the doctor did such a botch job that I had to go back and get it fixed but still not a hundred percent but I have fat hanging over this scar that I can't stand I had it all the time. I would also like to get a tattoo covered up a fiance was supposed to give me a tattoo of a dragon and things didn't turn out right he left me with this ugly tattoo left me the next day and took off to Hawaii so now this is a permanent reminder of him. Would also be nice to get a butt lift but that's just a lot. I've been single for a long time I just want to look beautiful to where maybe I can catch the man of my dreams eye and for once be happy.

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