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About Delaneykluger


My name is delaney, I'm a model, and I'm looking to get a nose job. Throughout my life, my nose has always been a huge insecurity of mine. I have had so many amazing opportunities to be in front of important clients, and I get far enough to be requested by them, but the girls with the small noses always book the jobs before me. To succeed in the modeling industry is my dream. I'm hard working, reliable, I work out like crazy, I do everything I can to be my best to be the best model I can be. I feel like this is the only thing holding me back from reaching my fullest potential as a model. Through any success as a model, I hope to be able to bring awareness to the world on issues that need to be confronted. I see so much hope and potential in my career and I think this would truly make or break my modeling career. I would love to show before and after pictures and show how much this helped my modeling career, confidence, and life. I would truly be so grateful, and i would love to share my gratitude by staying good friends!

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