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About Fat2fit


First thing I am a Christian and I belong to church. I am NOT a smoker, drinker or any kind of druggie....My husband and I both work full time jobs, we just financially don't have a lot extra to spend because we make sure our bills and kids come first...I am 38yrs old, a wife & mother of 2....I am trying to get back to being healthy and fit and since I've been on this weightloss journey, I've realized I need a few nip n tucks to feel good about myself again...I'm hoping to be a better mother, daughter, sister, friend and wife with a new improved body because I know I will be more confident and happy and I will be able to physically and emotionally do much more....please help me financially get where I need to be with my body and I will always be a friend plus I hope to one day give to someone else as you have given to me so please please help...

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