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Hello. My name is Dawn. I am a 40 year old mother of 2 children. I have recently been dealing with a lot of heartache do to my body not only getting older but having my two children literally has costed me my life in more ways than the normal sacrifices. My childrens father passed away when my youngest was 8. Then a few years later i remarried. But that ended do to him trying to commit suicide twice. I have ALWAYS worked since i was 16 years old! I have always tried to be the best wife i could be. But for whatever reason... It seemed death was trying to take my husband away! Well this time i decided to stay single for a while. I raised my sons. I did the best i could. All my money went on bills, food, clothes, and whatever else my sons needed. Instead of fixing me.. I fixed them of course! But after 20 years of always putting everyone else first. I looked at myself and realized. It might be to late to remarry again due to the physical damage that my body went through having 2 kids and 2 marriages that ended in death. I want to remarry eventually when God places the right person in my life. But i need a surgery to fix myself first from bearing my 2 sons. It will cost me $12,000.00 for the reconstructive surgery i need. I do not have it. And i am still single. So i do not have anyone to help me fix myself. This is a true story and i am too young to go the rest of my life single! Please help me. Thank you!
I have already went to doctors and they looked at me and gave me this quote. And also told me to start getting prepared for surgery by eatting right etc. So i have already been doing these things. My body is ready. I am ready. The time is now. I just need help!

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