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  • Member Since: September 12, 2017


I am a 24 year old girl who is tired of not reaching my modeling and confidence potential due to my breasts! I have always had small boobs and been self conscious, but after pregnancy and breastfeeding, my poor boobs just gave up.
I have a great ass, great legs, and a pretty face. I'm toned and tanned, really ready to feel complete!

I love to send sexy pictures, and am always disappointed about my husband's reactions to them. He never makes me feel pretty, sexy or good enough. (Totally cliche, right? The woe is me wife) but for real. If I can have surgery to make myself feel better and meet people who genuinely think I'm sexy and enjoy looking at me, is that so wrong?

Particularly generous offers can receive videos and give requests for what they'd like to see. :)

I am extremely outgoing, loving and open minded. I know I'm cute, I want to be sexy. Will you please help? :)

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