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Hey.. my name Kristen am 32 years old. I live in California.
I have been wanting to get breast implants since I was 14 as I don’t feel like a lady how I am now. Didnt develop as much as a kid due to an eating disorder and would like to increase my breast size for me so that I may feel better about.

I hate the way I look & the clothes I wear because I can’t wear what I want because of this. I have no cleavage what’s so ever & this gets me really down & depressed.

I can’t wear certain clothes & I just tend to hide away & don’t want to go out because I feel so ashamed and less of a woman. This is ruining my life feeling this way all the time, soon as I wake up it is on my mind & I just want to cry & curl up in a ball & it all be over. If I had my boobs done I would be so happy & would do a lot more in my life.. in actual fact it would be a massive weight lifted off my shoulders & I wouldn’t be depressed at all.
All donations will be very highly appreciate. Thank you!! X

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