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Well, I'm 25 and I inspire to be a model and a fashion stylist, I am already am an attractive lady with beautiful style, I feel what Is missing from my life is support and a breast enchancement would add to my desired look as a model and goals. I feel that It's now time to shine and move forward and live for me as I haven't been able to for so long which isn't fair to a young woman who is deserving to live life to the fullest. I don't want to wake up when it's too late I want to live now and acheive higher status. I've been dealt a bad hand and have gone through so much
My dreams have been out of my reach at little to no fault of my own which has crushed me inside and in return caused me to develop major depression and debilitating anxiety.
I just escaped a dangerous, controllling and possessive relationship 2 weekes ago which took away 4 years of my life I wasted my time with a man who had no ambitions or goals but lived in order to stop me from living, he really controlled every faucett of my life, from making me lose all of my friends, to not letting me go out without him, not allowing me to work or study either, also purposefully comparing me to other woman who had bigger breasts. He wasted my time and used physical violence and emotional abuse against me so I wouldn't leave and hurt me badly over the years,. I was into music and singing and that's what I loved I have an amazing voice and he always used to bring me down and say I will never get anywhere pure jealousy.
Last year I lost My grandmother and my dearest mother, they were my only two family members left and my only support. When my mother lost her mother (my grandmother) she began to drink heavily became depressed and refused help. She ended up in hospital where she was diagnosed with end stage liver disease and after a month of falling downhill and progressing i watched my mother fade away suffer terribly in the last days I couldn't even recognize her anymore, she lost her battle to end stage liver disease and I dealt with this alone, I talked her through her death I was the only one there. This really killed me inside
Having lived my life so restrictively and living in fear for so long, I feel that I must strongly follow my passions and live life fully with a new found confidence and body with a beautiful breast size.

Please help me. No donation is too small


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