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November Is Diabetes Awareness Month
#2 - Read the labels of the so-called low-fat foods. Just because the label says low-fat, this doesn't mean it's low in calories. These foods may still contain considerable amounts of sugar or other high-calorie ingredients.

My brother is a bad type 2 diabetic. He is morbidly obese, tipping the scales to at least 400 pounds, the same as I did. There are lots of men and women that are type 2 diabetics who reside with uncontrollable diabetes treatment ; many are dependent on insulin and still cannot control their blood glucose. Two severely obese diabetics whom I know personally would be interested in using a gastric bypass just to get rid of their diabetes, even if their doctors will allow them to. So far both of these people (my brother and a friend) have been told the surgery is too risky for them. Their physicians said the mortality rate is greater than he would like to have a chance with their own lives, and they said there was no guarantee they would keep their weight off. Neither physician approved of having the operation to reverse their diabetes.

Turkey is high in protein, which may help keep post-meal insulin levels within a desirable range (keep your glucose levels from rising). Protein may also help build muscle and promote the feeling of fullness so you don't overeat the candied yams!

Drink lots of water. Some people think that not drinking water can help them lose weight. This is very untrue. Drinking The Seven Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss And Whole Body Wellness: A Recipe For Success! of water per day assists your metabolism and is thereby very essential in quest for weight loss. Weight loss cannot occur without an active metabolism which requires large amounts of water. Drink more water to shed excess weight and have a cleaner system.

If "Blood Sugar" and "Putting On Weight" were titles of thoroughbred horses then they would both belong to the same secure and have the same trainer. So disability both severely and accelerate weight loss by slowing down blood glucose. I will repeat this because this is where your problem lies, "slow down your blood sugar." From the time you choose to lose weight do not worry about fancy diets, carbohydrates, calories or your intake of fat. Eat heartily but sensibly.

A key to permanent weight loss is this: Do not go on a diet! Change your diet, eat sensibly, and reasonably. Trying to live on tofu and eggplant for the rest of your life would be impossible diabetes treatment as well as really boring. Try to eat foods that you like, and for those junk foods all of us love, eat them in moderation.

This component, when combined with chlorine, gives rise to table salt, that's the culprit in many a greasy confectionaries. Believe it or not, excessive amounts of this element leads to weight gain and even obesity, if not controlled. How? When sodium intake exceeds the amount of the exact same element in the body, it tends to build up within the kidneys and intestines. These organs then have to work extra hard to excrete this extra salt, leading to a buildup of extra fluid in the body. This ultimately, leads to increased blood pressure including additional weight gain from the water. So, if you would like to eliminate weight, it's ideal to control your sodium intake. Don't remove it from your diet altogether!

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