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About Ren Grey

  • Member Since: July 15, 2017


19 and I'm looking to Change physically in my journey to becoming more of myself again
I want a (bbl & breast augmentation.)(13,000)
I've struggled through depression from age 12 to about 18 (due to physical abuse)..going into last month meanwhile gaining about 90 pounds I've been able to lose around 20 but I still am constantly picked on about little thing at work (childish right?) My body has trauma deformities.. and I want them gone I want a body as beautiful as people say my face is .
Maybe I'll be a model after ? Jk i love art I'd rather be a tattoo artist and piercer ❤️


Make Me Perfect

I’m 19 ,I’m studying to be a dental hygienist.. I want to get A Brazilian Butt Lift And implants The Cost is About 13,875 *** […]