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Hello~ thank you so much for clicking my Profile!

I am an 18 year old aspiring Model and i study abroad (so it is hard to afford it all by myself) and i would like to get plastic surgery to be prettier and achieve my Dream Face. My ideal face is a cute dolly face so i am looking into getting a smaller nose. My nose is quite long, high and straight but i want to have a cute curved nose bridge and a small nose tip. Especially from the side view it looks weird. I really need to improve my side profile because it makes me very self conscious and thats a big problem as a model. I am scared to smile in photos that other people take of me because of my nose. Do you want to help me to gain confidence and a cute doll face?

I will give you my private Instagram account or my Cosplay account for a donation of 70$ and you may request photos that i take only for you (this does not include nudity). Every donor will receive a before/after photo so you can see how much i will change and how cute i will look!
You can also suggest individual requests~~~

Please feel free to contact me about my surgery or pictures or individual requests!

Thank you so much ♡

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