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About Longleggedoll


25 year old, European girl.
2017 I had fillers for the first time, and plumped up my lips. I absolutely loved the result and felt super feminine and fierce <3
It's now been 6 months since I got them done, and because it was the first fill they are now almost back to my starting point.
I would absolutely love being able to fill them up again!

I love to stay fit, through being active, going to the gym, and I'm a pole dancer as well :)
I've always been tall and slim (176 cm), and I had my breasts enhanced at age 20.

I would love any help I could get towards getting my "bimbolicious" lips all plump and sexy again <3
I recently became a student, so sadly I cannot afford to pamper myself.
Would love to share the experience and my results with you via Snapchat.
Xoxo :-*

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