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I am a U.S. Navy veteran with a pair of 10 year old implants that I allowed my ex husband to guilt me into getting. He was very abusive and he made me feel extremely awful about my body until I had them augmented. He would call me Miss Piggy and wanted me to be a perfect barbie.
When he decided after 6 years and a baby that he was done with me, he raped me, tried taking full custody of my daughter and left me to rot.
He let our home go to foreclosure, defaulted on loans we had together and now I have the worst credit ever. To fight for custody of my daughter I had to compile over $80k in funds from all over the place. It was my only priority for the last 5 years.
I now have the ability to focus on me.
I want to get the implamts replaced so that my body will stop being in pain and so that I can feel confident again.
Quite frankly I am so sick of looking at myself in the mirror and hating myself. Sure my implants look decent in a bra, but without it, they look like wrinkly sandbags.
I see RAPE everytime I look in the mirror. I hate it.
I am working my butt off to try and come out of this enormous debt mountain I am under but I want the procedure done asap so I can love myself again. My encapsulated breast hurts badly and my other implant is leaking.
I applied for a loan and was refused because of the credit catastrophe my ex left me in.
I am a model and so coming out and voicing my pain has made me incredibly vulnerable. I created a Go Fund me account but cannot in good conscious stay there because I feel like there are so many campaigns there that minimize the importance of what I am asking for. Most for good reason.
I recognize that asking for help is unconventional but I want to try to expedite this.

I need donations.

All donors of $25 or more shall recieve a signed copy of a photo from my run in the Maxims Finest competition.

Help me gain one step forward! I am a good woman, an incredible mother, and a champion for women's self esteem, but I need my own back first!

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