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I love my body and am very passionate about eating healthy and going to the gym in order to naturally build the best version of myself. Overall I would say I have a very nice natural body, I would gladly send pics if you are interested and would like to see if you agree, I just think that it would look even nicer if I had a super flat mid section to go along with my hips, bust, and butt. I think that having a flat mid section and a curvier body would make me feel like the sexy, confident woman that I am meant to be. Although I am already very confident, having more to love in the mid area prevents me from feeling as sexy as I want to feel. Any donations would be greatly appreciated, and for those who make large generous donations, I would love to show my appreciation in the form of photos and videos of the results, private video chats, or in the form of my companionship. I love to talk about almost anything and consider myself to be a great listener and am very kind. I would also appreciate any donations towards a fuller, more rounded butt, since I find a fuller butt to be another extremely sexy feature on a woman. Anyone who is interested in helping me out with this, please reach out to me and we can discuss what you would like in return. I am open to most things :) if you have a preference of which surgery you would like to help fund just let me know! Help me become an even sexier woman, and you will be greatly rewarded as well as appreciated.

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