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I'll tell you a bit about myself so you can get to know me. I am a lover of life and all things beautiful, I tend to find the beauty in almost everything. I have passion, ambition, drive and aspirations. I want to be somebody and make something of myself. I know that every body says that but I am really trying hard to make that happen. I love to work, my job is very visual and creative which is my forte. I am very sociable and outgoing, I love to socialise and meet new people and experience new things. I am probably the most open minded and easy going person you will ever encounter in your life. I am always up for anything. My friends will say that I am caring, loving, down to earth and full of life. I certainly love to share these traits with people. I am the most tomboy-ey girly girl you'll ever meet, I love to get down and dirty yet would be slightly gutted if I broke a nail. I like the finer things in life, cars, travelling, art, music, FOOD, beautiful settings, and damn good company.

Down to business -
I'll now explain what I wish to gain from this. I'm not going to bore everyone with my reasons, I'll be straight up and to the point. I would like more lip fillers, and eventually a small nose job on the tip of my nose. Lip fillers are a priority at the moment. I have had this done twice so far but they haven't lasted long and I cannot afford to keep going back. Initially I wanted them looking natural, but I would like them to now look naturally full if that makes sense - think Angelina Jolie. I don't want to look cosmetic, or fake. I have a pretty face and I would just like to perfect certain features. My lips being bigger and the tip of my nose being slightly smaller would create an ideal symmetrical glorious face ;) don't get me wrong I am not shallow nor vain despite most definitely coming across as that right now. I'm not like other girls (cliche) beauty isn't everything, but what's wrong with wanting to enhance and perfect features that one already has? At the end of the day we have to live with our faces for the rest of our lives right haha!

Back to the point -
Lip fillers cost around £200 for 1ml, and I would like 2ml so that it lasts longer and they look fuller straight away. This is £400 in total, and as I said it's a priority!

Nose job would cost around £4-5k. I have a time frame of 8 months to get this money.

Please if anyone could help me I would appreciate it SO SO SO much. Drop me an email and we can have a chat and see where to go from there?... I look forward to speaking and meeting my potential donators ;)

All my love xxxxx

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