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Hey.. my name is Leanne & I am 22 years old. I live in the uk!
I have been wanting to get breast implants for a few years now, as I don’t feel like a lady how I am now. I hate the way I look & the clothes I wear because I can’t wear what I want because of this. I have a condition called pectus extavacum, so this means one side of my rib cage dips in.. this makes one of my breasts sit further back and it looks flat like there’s nothing there because of that. I have already seen a surgeon regarding this to see if I could have a boob job with this problem & they said it isn’t a problem & can be done.. they also recommended I have a slightly bigger implant on that side to equal it out. I have no cleavage what’s so ever & this gets me really down & depressed. I can’t wear certain clothes & I just tend to hide away & don’t want to go out because I feel so ashamed & younger girls in my family have way bigger boobs than me. It is upsetting & I get the mick took out of me all the time & have done for years now. Even by my own mother.. she thinks it’s a joke and funny & points out younger/ smaller girls than me & states ‘they have bigger ones than me!’ This is ruining my life feeling this way all the time, soon as I wake up it is on my mind & I just want to cry & curl up in a ball & it all be over. If I had my boobs done I would be so happy & would do a lot more in my life.. in actual fact it would be a massive weight lifted off my shoulders & I wouldn’t be depressed at all.
All donations will be very highly appreciate. Thank you!! X

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