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Help me rebuild my life and confidence and obtain my revenge body!

I'm a 40 year old single mum.
I've just come out of my second abusive relationship from a man who's destroyed me!
Although it was only physical towards the end. The emotional and mental abuse is what's damaged me the most.

I never thought of myself as ugly and always looked after myself.
The vile abusive digs at my physical appearance towards the end have left me feeling not only suicidal but worthless. And Making me feel so ugly and not good enough for any man to love me.
To the point I've not left my home in 4 weeks.
I really need to start learning to love me myself and like what I see in the mirror.

All my life I've had body confidence issues.
From being over weight to bulimic as a teenager.. then having a toned body and with average sized breasts, to having a jelly belly and empty non existent breasts after the birth of my 4 children.
Several operations later for cervical and ovary issues, no matter how much I work out , I've had to get used to the fact My stomach will never be flat and flawless and have that my breasts will always be none existent.
I was saving for a breast enlargement and tummy tuck. But my abusive ex said he needed money for a business and is refusing to pay me back which leaves me back to square one.

I need help in getting back my confidence and my mojo and get the body I've always dreamed of to show him he hasn't won!!
I'm looking to raise around £9k for both procedures
Please please please help me regain my confidence.

All donations will be greatly appreciated.
No donation is too small.. They will all help …I would be forever greatful xxx

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