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I'm a 36 year old Mother of three beautiful children. Just got out of a 17 year old abusive Marriage and beginning to accomplish my goals and dreams of becoming a Nutritionist. At this moment I'm at my lowest financially and doing my very best to overcome all the psychological pain from my Abusive Marriage doing the very best that I can I have been able to relocate, get my GED, and begin CNA classes and loose over 120 pounds to build my self confidence, however there are a few procedures Id love to get to help give me that extra boost of confidence to begin seeking Relationships. I'm happy with my features but I'm insecure when it comes to my stretch marks, looses belly skin as well as a few other parts that lost their elasticity due to the weight loss and having 3 Children. I also breast fed for 5 years straight. Being called a whore and a piece of sh!t pig for the last 17 years along with physical abuse definitely took a toll on me however I'm a very strong Woman internally and thank God I know how to build myself back up. I'm a very modest, sexy, fun, loving Woman with a great personality and I'm definitely not seeking funding in return of filthy request so if that is what it takes from anyone they can skip me. I'm a REAL Woman and I strongly believe that blessings come from the purest places! I'm basically interested in a Mommy Makeover and possibly a few extra procedures to give it pazazz :)

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