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About rlogan64


I'm a 54 year old Native American Indian and Hawiian who has raising my sisters fives kids after she lost custody and when they separated them placing them in different Foster homes I involved The Native American Indian Child Welfare Act and pulled them all back home and after two years fighting DHS I finally got them back together with me I legally adopting them all. I have one biological daughter, I call Nelly Olson, because that's how she was back then. They are all grown now my daughter the oldest at age 32 the my sister's older 28, 27, 26, 25 and the youngest at 24. They all graduated high school one just got out of the army and two buying their own homes and one that is trying to build his own business so very proud of them. I have always put others before myself and always said I'll get my teeth fixed soon or even though of my own happyness or what I wanted out of life until now as I have time to think about it and with an empty nest,my hope is to get help to start investing into myself, I'd like to meet Mr Right and pursue my own happyness because I didn't plan on raising six children it just happened because my heart is bigger then my brain, so instead of giving help I'm asking for it, please help me get back some of those years and doing so regaining my hopes of finding someone to spend my life with, for love if you will.

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