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I am a mother of two living in a third world country.
I worked so hard and do tummy tuck and breast reduction in my country and used all my savings for the surgery, all to woke up after 13 good hours and fouund out that the surgery was not up to what I wanted and even the doctor was nit happy.that was nothing comparing to I was used as a teaching body to teach the doctors in my country.
Due to lack of facilities during the surgery I woke up and they put me to sleep again,and wven the oxygen in the operating room finish and they have to borrow one from the woman LABOUR roim and luckily there were no one giving birth by that time.
The hospital did not refund me even a single cent and unfortunately I also lost my job.
I am kindly looking for someone who can pay for my surgery in Dominican Republic which is 6000 USD. I have managed to save money for visa applications and air ticket from doing different freelancing job like selling friuits and washing people's clothes,selling food,cooking for people during small family gatherings etc,so that I can go and correct what the doctors in my country did.
I am also willingl to work to a person who will help me so that I can repay that person, or do advertising to a doctor who will agree to correct my surgery because I know people in my country who has money and wish to do different cosmetic surgeries but it only that they dont know wherr to start , and the fact that mist people in my country need to see someone who does that before they do.
Please if you ever want to help someone I beg you to help me as I have no other way or anyone I know who can help me.

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