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Hello, I am a sweet and shy girl (24)who wants to become confident, beautiful and sexy! I have always wanted to change how I look but can never afford it..so right now i am all natural...I wish to be able to wear a bikini and feel pretty! Like a doll...just not barbie more like a porselain doll feminine I want to be the me I can see for me in my mind, slim but curves in all the right places, a beautiful smile! That is all i wish for....(a drawn selfportrait of my perfect outcome will be drawn shortly and can be put up here when it is done. Before and after pictures will also be given to donors if I get to my goal and surgery has been dated and ready :) Id also welcome those who wants to talk and comunicate :)

I am a kind and honest girl 156cm high brown hair blue eyes small hands and feet. My bra size is D, I love animals, walks in nature with my friends, traveling, movies, video games, trying new experiences, training,drawing, climbing and so on.:)

I am trying my best to go down in weight and trying to become healthy! I have been depressed for years and let my body fall with it...now I am doing my best at staying healthy in body and mind! (Not there yet but on my way! I am in the middle of a lifestylechange and hope this works a little for my goals as well! Ive lost about 18kg myself and still trying to loose more but the Numbers have stopped :( )

Here is the surgeries I wish to be able to do and I'll be forever gratefull for those who can make me fullfill my dreams.

1) eyelid surgery around $3000

2) Dermal filler around $1300

3) brow lift $3300

4) lipp filler $ 500

6) maby nose jobb (smaller nose ) around $4600

7) liposuction various places on the body
Stomach, tights, sides, overarms, chin, sideboobs. Most of my body really exsept boobs and Butt :) if i just train the normal way my natural big boobs will disipear :(

8) buttlift

9) maby a boob lift

If anyone knows of cheaper surgeons but Well experienced Ones with great results I am all ears :) I don't mind traveling for the surgery!
Thank you so much for all your help beforehand and you have my eternal gratitude for helping me fulfill my dream

My Twitter is @sweetbu16519314


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