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Help Me Battle Lipedema Fat Disorder Disease Fund

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  • Listed: October 17, 2017 5:30 am
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Lipo legs


go to www.youcaring.com/HelpFundLipedemaLipoedemaFatDisorderSurgery

Hello, everyone! Thank you for your support and consideration. I would like to share with you about my very depressive and medical condition called Lipoedema or Lipedema. Go to my youtube video here: https://youtu.be/iRICos0ZXaE

I provide true to date pictures of how I look like now, and even videos if requested to show you proof that I do have this condition Lipoedema or Lipedema, which we are fundraising.

I also will show you pictures and videos of the after the surgery at the end of my fundraising goal.

Lipoedema or Lipedema is not covered by any insurance agency in the United States, and it personally we need all your support to help us fund this operation to save my legs from this condition. I have had this condition since I was a teenager but kept ignoring due to not having enough money and the insurance company not covering it.

Lipoedema or Lipedema is a chronic and long-term condition that involves having an abnormal build-up of fat cells in the thighs, legs, buttocks, and arms. Lipoedema or Lipedema could prevent you from doing your daily exercise due to the fat constantly every year adding up.

No matter how much you exercise it adds up and does not burn off like it should normally burn off. This condition mostly affects us women, and it is passed down through genetics or family history. Lipoedema or Lipedema is not recognized by the primary care, hence why medical insurance does not provide support to us.

Lipoedema leads to a chronic lymph blockage. You do need your lymph system to work properly to live better and cleanse toxins. Lipoedema Or Lipedema is preventing me from doing that. The lymph blockage does lead to a hardening of the tissue, which is very sensitive to touch and painful.
Your legs do swell, is very painful. There is an ongoing weight gain due to this overaccumulation of fat that is made by your body without you even eating fatty food and just healthy ones and eating at the right hour.

Still, I would gain this excess fat all over my thighs, calf, legs, and buttocks. I cannot even do my runs like a normal person would. I would have to go slow because my joints hurt due to this excess fat as diagnosed by my doctor, which means this is the beginning of what could be my immobility.

I have tried to eat all and only healthy foods and still I carry this fat that is not healthy for the bones of my legs for example. I have pain literally on my legs and especially the joints of my knee cap. I would use a machine to help my circulation and the pain of my knee cap to go away. However, it does not go away permanently.

The next day after doing this, I still have the pain and being dependent on pain medicine is not healthy or good in the long term. This condition also affects me mentally, and I do not socialize with friends as a normal person does because I do not feel normal and the pain of keeping up with the daily social activities.

It is incredibly depressing. I am a mother as well, and I do want to keep up with my child on a daily basis in all his activities. Please help me live a healthier and more normal life.

The only way I can achieve my goal of getting alleviated is through the or Lipedema surgery, which is not cheap, and not covered by any insurance. Again, I do not have the financial means to pay for this surgery. I will provide decent videos to my supporters to show you that I am honest and true to what I am going through and would like to get done as soon as possible.
I am providing pictures to show you what I am going through on this post.
All help and support are very much appreciated. Thank you all.

go to www.youcaring.com/HelpFundLipedemaLipoedemaFatDisorderSurgery
Here is a video: https://youtu.be/iRICos0ZXaE

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