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Show some loving

Hey beauts, Always been conscious about my breasts, I would love to get them done and be happy with self confidence. Pleaseee help me fund […]


MILF needs a revamp!

I am a 29 year old mom of 1 who is newly divorced! My ex promised me new boobs for years after mine were lovingly […]


She Give and Gets

Me , a , vulnerable child; I was teased for my nose, and struggled relentlessly. As an adult I became; model, nudist , tantrika , […]


Wannabe Bimbo

Hi there. I’m your average Aussie girl with dreams of becoming a perfect little bimbo fucktoy. Over the last few months I’ve taken steps to […]


Please Help Me Reach My Goal

Hi – My name is Amber, I’m 20 years old! I work as a nanny and am going to be attending school soon. My dream […]


Does anyone actually donate?

Does anyone actually donate?? I am a young mum of three and have lived in the UK since birth. I have hidden away my flat […]


Typical A-Cup Asian wants Hentai boobies

Hello everyone! I’m Jeannie(24) and I’m an asian born in Austria. Unfortunately I’ve got some weak boob genes and I grew up with the smallest […]


Tay’s Birthday Boobs

Hello my name is Taylor. I am a blonde 25 year old who has wanted boobs for 5 years now. This year on my birthday […]


In desperate need for a BBL.. Please help change my life around

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by❤️ Im a 24 year old girl, who is in a big need of a BBL (Brazilian butt lift). I […]


Help make me the perfect bimbo! 920cc implants to 2000s / new nose / big fa...

At the start of last year I realised I wasn’t happy. I was overweight, working in a job I didn’t like, and in a relationship […]

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