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20 years old and areolas are too big :(

I’m a 20 year old college student living in LA and have been dreaming of an areola reduction for many years now but money has […]


Help me rebuild my life

Single mum of 2 and aspiring model/actress ..Been going for interviews but getting knocked back due to access skin from large weight loss. Help me […]


Want to enhance my overall look!

Hello, I’m on the site because I want to improve my overall appearance. I have deepened nasal labial folds and slight acne scarring since my […]


Lost without you

I find my fufillment I’m pleasing my friends and family. I’m looking to move my cup size up and know I have to put in […]


Breast uplift and implants

I’m 31 yo and a few years ago I lost loads of weight which now reflects on my body and not in a good way. […]


Young sugar baby needs help :)

I would love to raise money to help get my dream aesthetics. I’m a full time student so of course funds are low, but I’m […]

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