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Hello! I’m a waitress in my early twenties. I would be so appreciative of a person to help my cosmetic dreams come true. I want […]


Please, Help Me Get The Best Gift Ever!

I am 25 years old needing a nose job. I say needing because this is something that I have thought about everyday of my life […]


Please really need nose reshaping

Hi everyone, I’m 22yo Italian and I’ve been always blessed with a perfect body shape (apart my breast was a A Cup). I been taking […]


Latina vixen needs ur help!!!

Hola my lovelies!!!!!!!!!!! I been going back and forth wit this decision and finally decided to do something that will not only boost my confidence […]


Help me feel sexy with bigger breasts!

Hi there! I am 26 years old, currently in nursing school and in dire need of breast implants! I have always wanted implants since I […]



I have sufferd from depression over the years and im only 21 and i already hate what i see in the mirror. Everyone says as […]



I am 21 year old college student, and small business owner.. but I am always underestimated because I look young and I’m 5’2. Men and […]

Want to feel good in my skin

Want to feel good in my skin

I am a single mother of 6. I have breastfed all of my children and now I just want to feel good about myself again. […]


Depressed and need body enhancement

I would really appreciate some help in getting my breasts lift. It’s in really bad shape after having four children. My life has been very […]



Hi my name is Nikki I am 43 years old and after having my second child at the age of 41 and a huge weight […]

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