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want more pics ? > Uneven and large boobs are sooooo uncomfortable and n...

want to go along this journey with me! i would love for you to as well..come chat w me & let see what we can […]


Please help me get the body of my dreams

I’m 21, 5’6, living on my own. I have a big ol booty but no boobs to match, I feel so out of proportion and […]


Nice and tight

I would like liposuction. I’ve lost almost 95 lbs and I’m happy but I still have pockets of back fat and belly fat that’s driving […]


Help Me Manage my boobs

I have huge breast and quite honestly I’m tired of the pain. Shoulder and back. They are sagging and unattractive. I want them to be […]


Please help me to get a cute Doll Face~

Hello ~ thank you so much for clicking my Profile~ I am 18 years old and an aspiring Model and i study abroad. I dream […]


Please help me get my confidence back xx

Hi there.I am looking to try and raise money for a breast enlargement.I used to be a 34dd but since having my last two children […]


Help this latina get confident!

Hello my name is Patricia, i am 26 yrs old currently struggling with losing weight. I suffer with hypothyroidism which makes losing weight super difficult. […]



Hello loves! I am looking to have liposuction done to my abdominal. Ever since having my son my body has done a three sixty! I […]


Desperately need more lip fillers?

Hiya. The lip fillers I want are 180 for a Mil. Unfortunately I dont have that. Can someone please help me to hit the cash […]


Premed in need of generous donations

I am a premed student working in the medical field. I have always sought to have my breast augmented and now have finally decided to […]

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