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Back pain

Am having a back problem due to my health my stomach needs to be reduced am in pain making it hard for me when am […]

Fill my cup

Fill my cup

Hello, im a young pretty model with small tits! I have wanted bigger boobs for a very long time now. I am working, trying to […]


Help me create the body of my dreams so I can follow my dreams!!

I am a mother and I’ve lost all confidence in my body i really want to start loving me again so I really want a […]


medication for Bipolar ruined my Body

This isn‘t a sob story, its just facts. Last year for struggling for almost a decade against a disorder which I had‘nt been diagnosed with […]


Implants Please!

Hey loves! I’m 25 years old from New York and have wanted to get a boob job my whole life. I’m ready to do it […]


Looking for confidence

I am currently a contractor working and saving up to finish school. I have been working hard on my goals with school and weightloss I […]


Please help me build my confidence back up

After 5 children my boobs arnt full like they used to be.. they were my favourite Part of my body & now they appear to […]


Build a Barbie!

Feel free to build your Barbie doll! My first hope would be getting a BBL surgery. I have never had a butt despite how curvy […]


Fit and Fabulous mom of 4 seeks what the gym can’t fix~

Business owner and mom of 4 who works hard, and is always busy.I own my own buisness, but it hasnt provided a stable enough income […]


Dream makers

Im from scotland. I carried 2 beautiful surrogate babies for my friend. They have left my muscles so badly torn that only surgery can help. […]

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