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Please help me get Breast Uplift

Hi everyone My name is Adriana 28 years old from Romania. 4 years back i was diagnosed with cervical cancer and i had to fight […]


Breast Implants *Please help*

Hey.. my name is Sophie & I am 36 years old. I live in England! I paid for my first breast implants at the age […]


Any help is appreciated..Help me feel sexy again

Really need help in getting my hernia and belly button repaired ..not to mention the saggy skin after kids.I’m in desperate need of a mommy […]


Appreciate and thank you to everyone’s generosity

Hey.. my name Kristen am 32 years old. I live in California. I have been wanting to get breast implants since I was 14 as […]



Hi friend, my name is Sammy! I am 29, and I love sweet baby animals (insert animal rescue dream here). I also strive to work […]


Help recovering the years

I’m a Native American Indian Grandma who has been raising my family’s children but my sisters fives kids after she gave up custody of them […]


Mummy needs a new set of fun bags!

Mummy needs some new fun bags to play with! In Australia, cosmetic proceedures are so much more expensive! I don’t want to live as a […]


South Texas Entertainer begging for a Breast Upgrade

Hey there, I am a 5’2″ athletic petite red head 102lbs wet , hips 36″, waist 26″ bust 34A, looking to upgrade my tiny perky […]


Brazilian Butt Lift

Want a more shapely butt and boobs


Small Fry


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