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Please help Barbie get her Boobies

Hi I’m Emma, I’m 18 and I have small asymmetrical breasts and need help paying for my surgery. I need to turn my a/b cups […]



HELLO, My name is Raven, I am a college student and I also have my beautiful 5 Year old baby girl who’s the love of […]



Please help me get a breast augmentation. All donations are appreciated.


Blonde Barbie * help please!

Hi, I’m seeking to get a breast enlargement. Growing up I’ve always struggled with the insecurity of having smaller boobs, especially out of all my […]


money needed for breast enlargement

I am very much in need of breast lift and augmentation. I am very depressed because of it . please help me get over this […]


Hey Babes 25 yr old blonde blue eyed girl looking for her dream to come tru...

Hey Babes! I’m 25 years old and I’m so close to perfecting my body after struggling many years and being bullied as a child as […]


Please help me get my perfect body any donations will help

I really want my body to be perfect, and look good this will be my goal of 2018 please help me achieve it ! I […]


Magical cute little fairy needs to go from A to D

Cute little fairy who needs to go from A to D. Donation insentives. Email mistress.fae.ash@gmail.com with proof of donation.


Help me be a MODEL

I am needing help to pay for breast enlargement ao I can kick start my modeling career. I have been told many times that if […]

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Make me beautiful

I just want to be beautiful. I have a asymmetrical face and I am the weird ugly looking girl. I don’t like to take pictures […]

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