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Can’t remember what wearing only panties feel like

For several years, I’ve bled everyday. Huge blood clots passing everyday. I’ve struggled with anemia, dizzy spells, memory problems, depression. Having a relationship has been […]


Big butt but must have it bigger!

Very hard woman who helps out her family and friends more than anything. Lately been feeling like I need a fresh start and want that […]


Tubular breasts are destroying my life.

I have tuberous breasts. I’m just 18 years old, but unable to even look at myself in the mirror. My breasts are deformed. I’ve been […]


Let me be a lifetime social media influencer for your brand

Hey, I’m DeJa. I’m a life student with a background in social media marketing and behavioral science. My dream is to have a mommy makeover […]


Single mom looking into feeling sexy again and looking my best!

I am a fairly good looking single mom, always been healthy and took care of myself, eat well, work out regularly, and keep myself in […]


Boob job wanted

Hey thanks for taking a minute to check my add out. Im kacie im a mother of 3 i would like a breasts enlargment


Breast and Butt

I have desperately wanted a Brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation for years now, but as a single mom of two kids I have not […]


❤ I need YOU ❤

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I was a nationally ranked athlete who exercised for 6-10 hours a day for 8 years starting from when I was 9. Sadly, my […]


Mexican babe needs your help

Hey there. Im 24 and I’m giving this a try since nothing else I’ve done has worked. I dream to be able to get a […]


Help me fund a Gastric band to sleeve conversion.

Any help would be very much appreciated to help me raise £7000 for a Gastric sleeve operation . I had gastric band surgery 8 years […]

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