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Hoping you will listen

I have always felt less womanly than most more so through my school years but as I got older the need to have not necessarily […]


A little something for myself

I would like to say thank you for reading my endearing ask for help!!! I am 37 years of age, looking to complete my doctorate […]


Please help me feel like a woman

I hope to raise 5000 for a breast enlargement.my breasts are quite small as is my body I find it hard to gain weight my […]


Seeking enhanced confidence

Hi! First, thank you for reading my plea. I am a single mother of two amazing boys. I am currently in college, seeking my MBA. […]



My boobs are so unattractive- they’re lobsided and spaced out. My areolars are too big and I’m tired of living in shame please donate! This […]


Help me get a Nose job

Hi my name is Janet & currently working & in college. I’m in desperate need of a nose job I don’t make enough to save […]

Post divorce weight loss

Seeking improvement, not perfection

I have always been a solid person. By age 12 I was taller than all the women in my family and filed out my frame […]


BOOB JOB – Booty needs some boobs to match!

Hey everyone! I’ve always been on the curvier side… I was blessed with big hips and a small waist. However the one thing that would […]


Currently Part of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee

First of all thank you for reading this! I will share my true identity with those who choose to donate. I currently live in England […]


Help me get my confidence back

Hi stranger I am an 27 year old girl/woman that have dreamed of getting a breast enlargement for the past 7 years. Because of pregnancy, […]

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