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Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex reassignment surgery cost between 6000.00 and 20,000.00 This is male to female surgery. I need this because of a condition called, gender dysphoria. I […]


Help Me Get My Dream Body!

I am 28 year old and have always wanted to get a Brazilian Butt Lift to achieve my goal of a smaller waist and a […]


21 trying to get a new butt

Message me I’ll explain more


19yo babe needs bigger breast

Hello my names Saraah and I’m 19 years old. I’m really hoping to get bigger breast to match my ass. I’ve dealt with it up […]


Single divorced mom needs her confidence back

I’m a 28 yr old single divorced mom of two who use to be slim but now can’t get the weight off. I need to […]


21 y/o Latina wants to get a thicker and juicier ASS with a BBL :)

** IF YOU LIKE ASS, private message me!! ** Hi I’m 21 years old 5’3″, I have been researching a Brazilian Butt Lift for a […]


A Body To Die For

Beautiful nubian Kween with a personality that will go far in life. Well educated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. What’s holding me back is […]



Tummy tuck and arms


Need Assistance Getting ELECTROLYSIS To remove hair due to Suffering from H...

Hi there I’m looking for some assistance in transforming my body so I can further my career in the Sex industry. I would like to […]


Breast Enlargement

Please help me….

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