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Please help me xxx

Hi im Emma im a bubbly little blonde happy with my appearance. Apart from my legs they are awful my whole life ive suffered with […]


Smile again

Hi my name is Mary I’m 38 years old, I have one child and work part time and study too. Things have been financially hard […]


Dominatrix demands bigger Breasts.

I require bigger Breasts. Bigger Breasts that I will tease you with. Feel free to message me, I may reply, I may not. If you […]


Please Help Me With Rhinoplasty!!!!!

I need my nose a little smaller. The same nose. Just smaller. Thank you.


Open to requests! Just want to be myself! Real life princess ❤️

Hey I am Lii, I’m here because I desire to make myself comfortable in my own body. Infact I want to make myself feel content […]


The one thing I’m not confident about

I’ve always been told I’m a pretty girl and don’t need any cosmetic surgery. But lately I just cannot seem to get stop obsessing over […]


I have bee stings! I need boobs in my life!

The fact that a site like this exists is crazy to me but I am curious about it! I have always had bee stings. After […]


Help me get big, round tits

PhD student by day, freak by night. Looking to make my boobs look fantastic so I can walk around campus braless and make heads turn.


Help me get nice big tits

Hey! im a sexy latin woman seeking help! i currently go to school and live on my own. It is my dream to have nice […]


struggeling artist needs help looking her best on stage

Hi. I’m a mother of two and a jazz-singer from Finland. Being the only woman in my family who didn’t get big boobs I’ve always […]

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