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Hi y’all looking for some help!

Hey! Just me looking for some help! I’m 5’7” last I checked lol, 125-135 weight flux, and lottttsss of tattoos. HMU, let’s make this happen!


Help me get my sexy girl mentality back :(

I think im a pretty attractive girl who on the outside has perfect tits and no worries in the world. I am a VERY sexual […]


Make me happy :)

I have this wish for more then 15 years… If there is anyone who wants to make a small girl’s big dream,you are more then […]


21 college student in need of an augmentation

I’m 21 and I would like to be able to fill out my graduation dress. I really hate having an A cup and I would […]


Need new boobies!!

I’m 5’4″ of tone build. I have waist length blonde hair. My bra size is 34D. I’m a yoga teacher & gym enthusiast. I would […]


virgin wants big tits to be sucked and loved

Hello loves. I hope you’re all doing well in life♥️. A little about me: I LOVE animals, dogs and cats you name it. I enjoy […]


Breast Augmentation Surgery

I have spent my entire life feeling incomplete. I feel as though my frame is meant to have large breasts but unfortunately I just don’t […]


Help me be your exotic barbie

Hello future donor, I often hear that I have an exotic look. Must be due to my light blue eyes, juicy lips, high cheek bones […]


I am a struggling college student who has been saving for this bbl for years. But with the costs of school and living I have […]


I would love bigger boobs

I would love bigger boobs because it would make me feel sexier. I would become a fetish model so everyone can enjoy them just as […]

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