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Miss bells

I would describe myself as 5.0 ft slim dark brown eyes brown hair big bum big mouth shy bubbly outgoing funny loveable… My reasons for […]


manipulatrix dominatrix

Give into your ultimate fantasy of being manipulated, dominated and financially drained by a most perverse badbitch beauty I am the women your mother warned […]

Hourglass Figure!

Hello! My name is Amanda. I am 25 and have always wanted a bigger butt, big nice breasts and an hourglass figure. I love the […]

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A very sexy 38 year old needing Larger breasts to fulfill my dreams of being sexy and complete.



I am on a journey to doll perfection through plastic surgery, fund my surgeries and follow my journey to plastic perfection. photos,videos and live streaming […]

Auto Draft

Be competitive in the job market

I was recently fired from my job as a Sr HR Admin. due to my age. I loved my job and of course the didn’t […]

2018-01-27 19.12.37

Standing President of the IBTC

I’m 33yo and have 2 kids. I’ve always lacked confidence due to my breast size. After having kids and breastfeeding, my already almost non-existant breasts […]


Give me some boobies!

I have always had smaller breasts and especially since having children they are worse than they were before. I just want to feel confident and […]


I’ll find the tattoos , you help fund the final creation

It’s taken 33 years on the planet to realise I don’t need to be anything but me . Help me finalise the final pieces . […]

I want a body like Bernice burgesses

Just trying to get to my dream of having my dream body. I want to own my own beauty business one day and I need […]

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