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Mommy of 3 children. I am 26 years old. I work 2 jobs and still can not seem to put enough aside for myself. I […]


Help a Inspiring Adult Model Get a BBL

I am an inspiring adult model looking to gain a bigger butt with a Brazilian Butt lift . I got a quote of 9,000 for […]


Mommy wants her boobs back! Please Help

Love my children! When they both were born i choose to breastfeed and what i did not know was when you stopped breastfeeding its like […]


IN NEED OF A FATTER ASS! Please be a hero and help me

I’m a mixed race 21 year old girl, I am looking to have a few surgeries, starting off with fat injections into my bottom, I […]

Apple bottom

Pretty face and need of Apple bottom


Your librarian needs U

Lost some weight and my boobs with it. I still have my curves except my boobs. It’s really getting me down hate clothes shopping even […]


help my face from falling :-(

hello, I would like to ask if anybody is willing to help me to get my face fixed. I was never a pretty kid and […]

profil kép

Help me to live a normal life

Basically, I am a lively woman who loves to have fun, but there is something that ruins my life. My labias make sex and any […]


Just want to be Sexy

Got new Boobs need a sexy body to match. PLEASE donate to my fund raiser. Will be sharing ALL photos!!! Thx


My boyfriend just cheated on me

Hey everyone. I just found out my boyfriend of 4 years cheated on me and I believe it’s because he was discontent with our sex […]

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