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Rhinoplasty wanted desperately

Hi there, I feel that my large nose really crushes my self esteem, and this has made it very hard for me to get into […]


Twins need help

Hi, my name is Jessi. I am 27 years young and i am currently dealing with health issues that have caused my breasts to almost […]


Would Love to Get a BBL, or Butt Implants, please help :(

I am 19 years old, currently enrolled in a college university. I am living by myself while working full time and going to school full […]


I want to feel like a woman

Hi my name is Chloe I live in London, I am 26 years old, and for years I have suffered from depression, I have always […]


Please help me get the body I’ve always wanted

Hi, I’m Leanne a 29 year old British woman. When I was younger I was over weight then through determination I lost 5 stone but […]


Full Abdominoplasty needed

Hello, my name is Dalia, im 36 yrs old mum of 3 lovely boys. Since i had my babies i havent managed to lose the […]


Please help. Id love ££££ for bigger, rounder , more beautiful breasts for ...

Hi.Happy to provide identification before any donations. Or cam verification. Private pics available for any assistance. Chat. Cam etc. Happy to make friendships hopefully made […]


My body

I have very small breasts, and it has put a lot of pressure on my health. I’m person that has always worked hard to look […]



So here goes! 2 years i was at my happy weight. I have three children who i love and i had a husband. I left […]


Help me smile again

Hi everyone My name is Amber and I’m a full time international model (check my IG @amber_rickard). As you will notice from my images I […]

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