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Help me get the nose I’ve always wanted?!

Hello all, my names Cat. I’m 21 and I’ve never had any cosmetic procedures before. I’ve wanted a nose job for a very long time. […]



Tiny 5 3″ 8stone Mum age 28 wanting to enhance my boobs. All donations welcome and appreciated, look forward to hearing from you private pic […]


Embarrassing at 24

I ‘ve had this problem since I was 15. I have never been able to wear a swimsuit. I ‘ve never been able to wear […]


Busty Needs a Booty to Match

I have size 38 H breasts, but almost no butt. I wish to be proportionate with the goal to be something similar to Ashley Graham. […]


Mom, model, veteran, needs help asap.

I have already posted an ad that is labeled as Navy Veteran from Maxim needs your help. That was before I went into my doctors […]


Busty Girl In A Booty World

My natural breasts are a size H. I want to get a tummy tuck and contour my waist so that I can have more of […]


Exotic Dancer Seeking Brazilian Butt Lift

I naturally have a small waist with wider hips/fuller bottom but when I lose weight to get a flatter stomach my butt shrinks as well. […]


Help me feel beautiful

Looking for someone who would like to help pay for my breast augmentation. I will be as generous to you as you are to me.


I want to be beautiful and not ill

Hi there, I am a young model in the industry since I was 5. Currently 23, I have many things wrong with me that need […]


Please help me find myself I and to be a happier me again

Hey I’m a 22 year old and I am wanting to get breast surgery the reason being is after I had my child I have […]

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