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Help PLEASE! So depressed because of my nose :'(

Hi everyone, I’m 27 years old and half of my life I suffer because of my nose. I’m depressed, I can’t see myself in the […]

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18 Years Old, 60 lbs Weight Loss After Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism. PLEASE ...

When I was young, it felt like I was always bigger than the other girls. No matter how hard I tried, I was always extra […]


Desperate to become a dumb bimbo?

Hi I’m a transgender girl who is suffering from having tiny tiny breasts and really needs some outside help to make them at least a […]



I need $5000 for breast implants. I am happy to share pictures in exchange and anything else you may want. Donations will get you access […]


Fun, friendly and bubbly girl, help me get my dream body! x

Hey I am Alliyah. I am 24 years old, British, live in the UK and am training to be a personal trainer. I have also […]


Help me become your dream doll ( happy to reward )

Thank you for clicking my ad. I’ve worked extremely hard and have achieved almost of my goal before posting here. I need you to help […]

Cute x


I’m a young latina girl, wanting bigger boobs, please help me! Maybe I will help you, I need around five grand. I have FAST reponses […]

Boob job andvaginal tightening – wanted to feel confident again

After 4 children and a long complicated relationship ending I would like to treat myself to some surgery to give me the confidence to get […]

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Blonde wants your help to feel secure again

Hi everyone, I am Taylor and my friends call me TT or Tayy and I am on here as a last resort. I recently got […]


Hot college student needs a bigger booty !

Hello! I am 24 years old and have always thought my body was too athletic looking. I want to have more curves and a juicier […]

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