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Please…..help me

  • Reason: Cosmetic
  • Ethnicity: Black / African descent
  • State / Region: Pennsylvania
  • Country: United States
  • Listed: August 22, 2017 7:50 pm
  • Expires: 26 days, 14 hours


I’m in desperate need of surgery. Im painfully ugly and i have the wierdest features for a human face. Not only do i need a brow lift ( and to be more specific im looking more into a brow reduction) but i need a series of procedures done for everything on my face. I have no hairline,giant forehead, dopey ears that stick out, a wide, stalky nose that is asymmetrical, Neanderthal brow line, the wierdest looking big lips that petrude outward. My jaw even has this long stretched out appearance like its longer than normal. And a skinny long neck that my huge head rests on but unfortunately i dont think much can be done for that. But everything else i know can be tweaked for the better. I cant live my life like this. I cant help to think how much i look like a monkey.i have an ape-like appearance. Most ugly people can accept being ugly but i cant. Because i see alot of potential in my face but its masked with these abnormal features. It stands out the most when im completely shaved. And i just think “wow, i have to have facial hair for the rest of my life” like why cant i be comfortable with a baby smooth face every once in a while? Why do i always need to have hair. Its not fair. Im so depressed i cant live my the way i want to. Im only 25 years old and it feels like im sentenced to a life of solitude, depression, loneliness and shame. Not to sound dramatic but all i do is stay home. Im to ashamed to show my face so i avoid eyecontact and have little to do with people in general. When i do i just find myself looking at all these gorgeous women and thinking how i will never have the opportunity or chance to engage in any kind of relations with them. I just let them all pass me by; every last one. Its not enough that im undateable or unattractive. No people have to stomp my face even further in the dirt. There was times i even overheard girls make remarks to each other of how ugly i am not even knowing who i was. This has happened maybe 3 times so far. I just dont understand why i was born to suffer. The pain, the stress, and theres no shaking it off or healing from it. Stops me from living my life. I dont even want to work just so ill be away from people. One time i got so angry i cut my face several times cause i couldnt stand what i looked like in the mirror. Its making me lose my mind. Again, im wasnt aiming to make you cry and i wasnt aiming to be too dramatic. All i can say is im in desperate need of help. So if anyone could please help me out with anything at all id be so grateful to you. I estimate it could all add up to 50,000$ maybe less, just a rough estimate. But im not asking for it by tommorow. With just 2 quarters a day, you could help save a face. But really anything helps. Im so comitted im busting my behind to get a job that pays well enough just to get the surgery but that will take forever. But thank you for your time if you read all of this. Take care and good days to you all. Enjoy them ).

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