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File May 20, 11 28 27 AM

Asian would love bigger breasts

I’m 28 and lately over the years have debated having a breast augmentation. Now that I’m coming up on 29 I would love to have […]


Jaw surgery please help me

Hi I’m cindy, Asian from Philippines. I don’t have self confidence when I smile because of my gummy smile. I’m hiding it from people when […]


Pancakes are yummy… just not on a butt! Butt Augmentation Fundraiser!...

Hello everyone!! I come to you as but a humble girl looking to fix her extremely flat/misshapen ass. It’s a big source of insecurity for […]


Attractive 22yo needs help getting dream body!

[[INTRO]] My name is Sukane, and I am an attractive, young Japanese-American girl who is asking for your help. For any generous members out there, […]


Dreaming of having a nose job

Hello, my name is Irina, Pronounced the Russian way (ih-ree-na) like Irina Shayk, can I please swap places with her?!? She’s a goddess. I’m 20 […]

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