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Looking to enhance my curves with a BBL procedure

Hey guys I created this page to help fund my BBL surgery! Ever since I had my son my body hasn’t been the same and […]


Aiming for the Confidence I’ve always wanted

Hi all, My name is Elizabeth, I’m 26 years and work in healthcare. I’ve been saving up for this procedure for a while but being […]


Help me get perfect tits and an ass!

Hi! I’m Julia, a 22 year old girl from eastern PA. I call myself a girl because I’ve never felt like I’ve grown into a […]


GET TO KNOW ME! 25 Year Old Mom, Who Wants To Look Good Again

Hello Everyone. My name is Lala. Im 25, Mother Of 4. 5’3, 210lbs.. And Im Dying To Look Good Again! I’m eating right & exercising […]

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Insecure Student suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Hey you, I’m Raya! I have been personally struggling with irregular periods, hirsutism, obesity, insulin resistance, ovarian cysts, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and gluten-intolerance. I think […]


Make Me Your Sexy Doctor

Hey, I am a 23 year old university graduate currently studying further to become a doctor. I’m down to earth easy to talk to kind […]


bbl 4 teen virgin Jasmine

Hello, my name is Jasmine and I am 18 years old,still in school, and hoping to get a brazilian butt lift/fat transfer so that my […]


Would Love to Get a BBL, or Butt Implants, please help :(

I am 19 years old, currently enrolled in a college university. I am living by myself while working full time and going to school full […]


Help me become your dream doll ( happy to reward )

Thank you for clicking my ad. I’ve worked extremely hard and have achieved almost of my goal before posting here. I need you to help […]

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Blonde wants your help to feel secure again

Hi everyone, I am Taylor and my friends call me TT or Tayy and I am on here as a last resort. I recently got […]