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In desperate need of a mummy makeover

After having my child I have lost a lot of weight and unfortunately my boobs have deflated. I’ve worked really hard in the gym but […]


Student hottie on distress

Everybody has gone through something here. For me, it was an obsession to lose weight and stay thing which caused me to lose my curves […]


Wanted a Breast Augmentation Since I Was 16

I’ve been unhappy with my body for as long as I can remember. First, it was my weight – when I was 12 years old, […]


From Fat to Fit…Help me Finish with new boobs!

Im a mother of 2 boys who underwent gastric bypass surgery in order to restore fertility. I lost 120 pounds – the equivalent of another […]

Please help me love my body before it doesnt even matter anymore

Please help me love my body before it doesnt even matter anymore

I am a mother of 4 whom still looks very young and I would like my boobs to match my still youthful look. Of course […]

Lovina1 - wig night!

Lovina’s breast enlargment fund – Help me get my confidence and...

My name is Melanie Jayne Luvina – I’m 21 living in Oklahoma but originally from Texas – Travel back n forth a lot! I use […]