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Old implants, need Help.

I could really use the help of some generously amazing person. I got implants in 2005 and they are now way past the due date […]


Help me get perfect tits and an ass!

Hi! I’m Julia, a 22 year old girl from eastern PA. I call myself a girl because I’ve never felt like I’ve grown into a […]

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Help me achieve my dream body at age 41

I am a 41 year of age woman, whom wish for a dream body. I workout and have a fantastic body in that perspective…but my […]


Want to be comfortable in my body. Wouldove to

..i’m 36 i really want to feel comfortable in my own skin instead of being so self conscious. This would help sooo much.



Full time student and full time mommy! Becoming a mother was such a beautiful gift, however, the after math was far from beautiful. I used […]


I want bigger breast

Ever since I was 16, I wanted to get breast enhancement surgery, I’ve always hated the way I looked. I FOUND a better way that […]


I refused to be punished for being abused.

From the age of six to fourteen, I was told I “would never have a boyfriend unless I [email protected]$ked him first because I was fat […]