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You will be Rewarded Greatly ;)

I have a hard time breathing out of my right nostril, it is almost completely blocked. I would like to fix that but also I […]



Hi Angels! How are you? My name is Michelle, and I need your help! I am currently 22 years old and I have the desire […]


I’m tired of having Shrek’s knees.

Hello. Just like my profile says, I’m 23, a single parent and money’s tight. My family has a “fat knee” trait and it sucks. I’m […]


Attractive 22yo needs help getting dream body!

[[INTRO]] My name is Sukane, and I am an attractive, young Japanese-American girl who is asking for your help. For any generous members out there, […]

bantry 2 (4)

Please Help Me Erase 13 yrs Of Hell Off My Previously Very Attractive Face

I had to throw in the towel, get real & admit to myself this morning that i have lost my looks. I took a selfie […]


First Time!

Hi, I’m new to this site. There’s a few different procedures I have wanted for some time but I have been unable to afford them. […]


help me :(

——————————————————————————————————————————————–help me i would be beautiful if my breasts weren’t so saggy and my arms didn’t have extra skin. my stomach is awful too. i […]


Help me get boobs!! 19 year old Eurasian wants to be bad

I’m a down-to-earth mixed chick with a huge heart… and little breasts. I study biomedical science full-time now, so it doesn’t leave much time for […]

ppretty girl

25 year old aspiring model wants Mommy Makeover

I am 25 year old gorgeous woman. I am wanting to get a mommy makeover. I am a part time aspiring model and this surgery […]

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