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Model looking for help to improve my career!

Hi there:) I’m a 23 year old model in NYC. I’m mainly looking for help with paying for Lasik eye surgery. I have severely dry […]


Dutchess will do everything for you

Hello! Nice to meet you. I’ve been looking around the internet for some financial care, are you the one who will help me? I’m a […]


Help me fix my nose please:) +reward

Hey everyone! Growing up I’ve always disliked my nose; I’ve tried to accept how I look and love myself but I’ve realized that it’s something […]


Model needs help, with reward

Hi, I have been bullied for my nose since I was a little girl. People have called me stuff like “potato nose”, or said things […]

Baby Face to Bombshell

I’ve always admired bombshells like Megan Fox and Adriana Lima. Unfortunately, all the makeup in the world won’t make me outgrow my round face. Fixing […]


Pls Help ME fix my ugly nose!+ reward

Hi, thanks for clicking on my fundraiser. I am a young college student whose always wanted to get rhinoplasty. It is not visible in the […]

Auto Draft

Honest, legit help, Dr information provided. I have done as much as I could...

Hello, My name is Rosalina, I have had a broken bridge, and a crooked tip since 2004. Dr Raja Srour (at Doheny Sunset Surgery Center) […]


New nose, new me!

I’ve been struggling with my appearance for as long as I can remember.. specifically my nose. I despise it and I’ve tried hard to accept […]


Looking for friends to help me to get my rhinoplasty

Dear Mr/Ms Unknown, I am a 25 years old girl with the desire of a new nose and the wish to find friends as I […]

No where near model status

Wishing for the perfect nose for years!

Hi! My name is Sasha, and I am 25 years old. I have been self conscious about my nose as early as I can remember. […]

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