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Breast lift and body procedure needed for Sexy beach babe

Sexy beach mom with slipped disks needs support to get full tummy tuck and bellesoma breast lift to reduce pain in middle/lower back. I already […]


I need to breath properly, I need to have new nose. Please help me.

Hello, please read carefully! For as long as I can remember I have a crooked nose. The curvature is clearly visible from the front and […]


Help me go back to get a job, a boyfriend and live in the world again.

Hello, I am 40 years old and I have struggled a loot passed years. I lost my health as I was achieving my carrier living […]


Enabling my cosmetic dreams

My confidence would be so uplifted if I was able to get a breast enlargement. I would be able to look at myself In the […]

your arab doll

Make me sexier for u

I’ve been blessed with nice tities but I don’t feel confident in my body especially because of my ass and my stomach.I’m really ashamed of […]


Can you pls donate something.. everything helps

Please donate something for my surgery [email protected] or PayPal. Need 2395 for the breastenlargement


Need a Boob Job badly.

Hi!! I have an A cup Brest size. I really need a breast augmentation. I don’t feel sexy at all, and I feel like a […]


20 year old college girl wants a little lift

Hey loves you can call me Lola like the bunny. I’m a 20 year old college girl looking for a lil help. I want a […]



I have extremely saggy boobs with loose skin because while being pregnant, my boobs were overly stretched and now they have sagged and they have […]


anything wld be better than absolutely nothing …

late 30’s, I’m a small girl, long light brown hair, blue eyes and not an ounce of breast tissue. I want to be a woman […]

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