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I’M A 57 YEAR OLD.5 FT 4 tall.Short brown hair,blue eyes.Slim build with fair complexion.


Turn me into your dream girl!

Turn me into whatever you want! I’m a blank slate. I naturally have DD breasts, strong cheekbones, and beautiful features so the foundation is there. […]


Help me become more:)

I’m a woman who works hard but maybe doesn’t spoil herself very well. I want to start with my confidence and that’s where I need […]


Let’s Make Memories Together :)

Hey there ❤️ I’m 31 years old! Full-time college student also working full-time to support my child and self. I’m a spicy combination of Puerto […]


Help Me Be Confident! :)

Hi, I’m CC! I’m 22 years old, in college and working two jobs to pay off my loans. I’ve never been confident in my body, […]


help a student in need who needs surgery for medical and cosmetic reasons

hi! im a hardworking student from sweden, and has as many other students a hard time making ends meet. Im not genetically blessed when it […]


Help me be pain free and happy again

Hey there, can u help? I’m 30 years old had my breast enlarged 10 years ago after having my son. Never been more happy or […]



Anyone pleaseeeee help with breast aumentation i been trying for years. Im 5’1 latina work hard but only enough to pay my school loans and […]


Barbie body

Help me acheive my perfect Barbie body and recieve a life time supply of photos and videos ! Of course after the surgery !



Help me pay for the mommy makeover of my dreams!! I want to reinvent myself with a tummy tuck. If you contribute which I hope […]

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