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Coolscupt the abs and legs

Hey Y’all! I am working towards Coolsculpting to contour my abdomen and legs. I will send after pics once progress is shown to keep you […]


Help me make my dream come true!

Hi, I’m Steff, from Romania and I’m a 30 yo mother of 2 wonderful girls.I’ve had my first daughter when I was 16 and basicly […]


I wanna be titty f*cked..but need boobs!

I want to feel like a woman. I was pregnant at 17 and have never been able to wear a bikini. Very insecure about my […]


To be nothing more than comfortable In my own skin and feel like a woman

I’ve honestly never felt sexy, have a hard time believing I look good and feel like a child … still. I’m only 5 foot 1, […]


Small clit wants big tit

I had my first heartbreak when I was 19. Typically when people get depressed/stressed they over eat. I did the exact opposite. I went from […]


I need bigger and even boobs

I’ve always had small obviously asymmetrical breasts. I want to enlarge the and make them even. I dont mind sending before and after pics.


Sexy young tall kayykayylegs

Hi.Happy to provide identification before any donations. Private pics available for any assistance. Chat. And even pick one person who donated to my dream to […]


Scottish Dominatrix looking for some giant tits

Guys and gals I’m a Dominatrix from Glasgow and bodybuilding has robbed Me of My diddies. I have surgery booked for January and have fronted […]


Curvy Girl needs fitting boobs

Hey guys! I’m an 21year old young lady, My biggest or (let’s say smallest) issue were always my really small breasts. Maybe I wouldn’t mind […]


Aussie girl wanting boucy beach boobs

Hi im Elizabeth, im 20 and I live in a town right on the beaches of Western Australia. Sometimes im so embarressed to go out […]

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