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19yr old virgin sx boobs need attention

I bet you’ve looked through many pages…Well, unlike the rest helping me get my breast implants and my ass bigger will get you some rewards. […]


19 year old stunning melanin princess asks for your contributes for breast ...

As I seek large breasts to boost confidence and excel in my Porn career , I’m asking for a donation


Turning 50 Tummy Tuck Confidence boost

Turning 50 Tummy Tuck confidence boost needed oh so much. After 5 years of being divorced , and a single mom, I am Wanting to […]


Help Me Help YOU

As an athlete, my boobs have shrunk since female breasts have fat and building muscle burns fat… which means boob fat diminishes as well. I’m […]



I barely have breasts….almost none. I’m very sad about it but unfortunately I can’t afford a surgery. It’s not just a desire, it’s a must […]


I Need ‘’My CONFIDENCE’’ Back !

I know what you’re thinking what is going on with her eyes ? So I got a car accident two weeks ago. This is the […]


Help me be sexier !

i’m looking to get a tummy tuck/bbl. i have always tried to workout & for some reason i just get get rid of this stubborn […]


Boobies please

Hello! I’m almost 26, and have never felt like a real women. I want BOOBS. I had almost the money saved up, and then my […]


Bigger boobs please

I’m a college student going into nursing school and have always stayed healthy and am very athletic however I’m still not confident with my figure […]


titty lift

Hi everyone! I’d love some help with paying for my boob lift! I lost about 50 pounds and my boobs are saggy now! they hurt […]

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