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save my life because only surgery can rescue me

i am girl in 20s who was born with almost men face i hated every minute in my life since i ever saw mirror i […]



I need an uplift as ive been working around the clock and i need to feel better for myself i was born with a medical […]


32JJ ….. more than a hand full! Help me hit a G !

Hi, I’m looking to have my huge breasts reduced to a more playful size. The scale on here only goes up to H…. but I […]


Latina princess

Hello I’m a young 28 year old Latina. Despite the years of working out so hard on trying to get my body where I would […]

Brazilian buttlift and breasts

I am a seductress. 2 Things turns me on, money and sexdoll/plastic look. I would love to find a man that loves that sexdoll look […]


Help me get my boobs done! I’m too small /:

Hi!! I’ve been wanting to get my breast done since I was 13 /: I’m 20 now! I really don’t have money for it. So […]


Help me get back into my modelling!

After loosing 3 Stone I want to removed the left over skin and stubborn fat in my stomach and thighs! I am also wanting a […]


Lost 3 babies and now my body looks how I feel

My body has gone through pregnancy 5 times over 8 years, breast filled up with milk preparing to feed a baby ,5 times, and yet […]


Help me gain a sexy body

I am unhappy with how my breats look. I feel unattractive and extremely self conscious about how they look. Help me gain more confidence and […]

me2 - Copy

Make me your dream doll.

I wish to become your dream doll so make it possible and let’s see where that may lead. Willing to provide before and after shots/vids […]

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