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I Always Wanted Big Breasts

Tori is my name. I’ve always had small breasts… I’m not insecure about them; I just wish I had more to play with! I’d like […]


Would love to feel confident in my body again with bigger boobs

Im 34 and after having kids I don’t feel great about my body anymore and it effects my self confidence and ultimately my mental health. […]


I would like to get a flat stomach thru lipo

Hi, I am 20 years old, white, 5’4” and 127 lbs. My goal is to have a liposuction done on my abdomen that results in […]


Help me look / feel sexy again

Hey, there! I’m trying to get some confidence back. I’m still young (early 30s) but I’ve already had my share of physical, mental trials in […]


Daddy help me me look sexy for you.

I’m a 31 year old kinky Latina who lost 100lbs but my arms and thighs don’t look so good right now and I just want […]


Help enhance my self confidence

iam a single parent, id like to get back into the dating seen again but my self confidence, i dont go on dates bc iam […]


NYC Contessa needs a royal tummy tuck

After giving birth to twins over 20 years ago I seriously thought I had to live with this flabby tummy. Now I have managed to […]


Help me reach my goal to be more happy & comfortable in my clothes for ...

Hi, My name is Nadia. After reading and looking at the website for a little while, I decided to post my fundraising ad. I really […]


HELP young women to improve quality of life

One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone. I was bullied in […]


Perfection doesn’t exist..but I’ll die trying

I think that I’m an adjustable 5 type of woman, but dream to be able to level up and have a face that can possibly […]

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