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Help me pay for my surgery

Help me pay for my BBL surgery. I’ve paid off most of it I just have a few more thousand to pay. I have been […]


help me love my body

Hi, I have severe scoliosis and a disk rubbing away in my lower back. I’ve been told by my primary care doctor that a breast […]


Breast Enhancement for Bryar!

Hello gents! I am an experienced sensual MA and have been working in the industry for a few years now. I absolutely love to express […]


Will anybody help me? Please?

Is anyone here to help, or are you here just to get nude pics? Obviously I am needing help desperately or I would never post […]


Trying to feel good again

I’m a mother and a full time student, just trying to gain my confidence back. Here’s what I’m looking to get done: * breast lift/reduction […]


throw some d’s on that, b….

25 years old with the chest of a 15 year old! Someone help a girl out! My breasts have always been my biggest insecurity and […]


Latina wanting bigger breasts (PICS)

Hello, I’m a 20 year old Latina college student trying to feel confident and comfortable in my body. Any amount of donation will be appreciated. […]

2021 thigh lift

Thigh Lift 2021

I already tried to write this once and it disappeared! Honestly, I can’t believe I am doing this, but I feel like why not, I […]


Need a lift and big sexy tits

Just left my abusive marriage and need my confidence back ! I need a lift and an implant. I would love the gummy bears implants. […]


Help me Enhance my beautiful body

Single mom of 2 toddlers trying to get back my confidence after leaving an abusive marriage. After kids and losing a substantial amount of weight […]

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