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Snap back time

It’s time to get my original body back. I have tried diets and exercise. The next step is surgery to get my desired look.


Help me be the beautiful bad ass I feel like I can be!

So I’m a 39 yr old single mom who works my butt off and spend all my money on bills and “momming” but I have […]


Please help me get even thicker

Just a midwest girl looking to achieve an even thicker city girl body! I have my boobs done and I had a fat transfer to […]


Help me with my bimbofication

I have lost 50 kilo’s of weight and already had a breastaugmentation, tummy tuck and thigh lift. I really like the sexy barbie look and […]


Help me get bigger tits?

Hi! I loved my body before kids. My boobs were so perky! I just want to be as sexy as I was when I was […]


Thyroid disease added a ton of extra weight on my otherwise small/curvy fra...

During quarantine and Covid it was impossible to get into a doctor, and then another year until I was finally referred to another hospital. I […]


New Body, New Life, New Me!

After 10 years of marriage and 2 wonderful children, I am starting FRESH! I finally get to live the life I want and not the […]


Want to help a cute latina match her nice ass with bigger boobs?

Hello dear funders❤️ Colombian girl living in the US here, love my body and wish to add a lil bit more sex appeal to its […]


Round 2 BBL for Barbie Goalz

Hello, I’m Cindy and my goal Is to get a round 2 bbl to reach my Barbie goals and look even better. I am in […]


Over 100# weight loss!!!

I weighed about 235#s in high school. Since then I have lost over 100#s and am still working on losing more, plus gaining muscle. As […]

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