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I was always a slim and petite figured female until I fell ill and was prescribed a medication that made me gain weight and although […]


Send mama wanting mommy makeover

I’ve been trying to get back to my youthful sexy body before kids. I lost over 60 pounds and have kept it off for over […]


Queen Ashley

Be generous and give me money for my implants please!


Brazilian butt lift/breast implants

Hi I’m really trying hard to get this procedure done. It removes fat from unwanted areas and transfers to your butt giving it a nice […]


Body AirSculpt and Fat Transfer for Breast Enlargement

I have been saving up but still short for an air sculpt procedure where my excess fat is removed from my waist, stomach, and thighs […]

I’m a single mum with pcos been up and down with weight boobs are uneven and I need a tummy tuck due to weight loss .

I’m a single mum with pcos been up and down with weight boobs are uneven an...

I was in a controlling relationship he didn’t want anyone else to have me I was made to hate myself and struggle with weight due […]


Small titties BIG dreams

I have a great appreciation for all the small things in life, except my itty bitty titties! I hate to sound like the materialistic type, […]


Help me get MY DREAM BODY

Hello, I’m a mommy and I’ve always had really small breast but after having my baby they got smaller. I’ve been working out and I […]


This momma is ready to be a MILF!!

Proud mom of 2 boys, life has taken it’s toll but now it’s time to fix all that and finally have a body worthy of […]


Help make me perky

Looking to get my groove back! Had implants in my early 20s and your body changes so much that I need a pick me up!

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