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Please help me get my dream nose !

Hello everyone, I’m a young adult in my early 20’s and for as as long as I was able to understand what beauty meant I […]


Help Me Smile Again?

Hi Darlings! I am in need of some cosmetic dental work. For the past ten years I have struggled with my teeth and am finally […]


That fit life decreases your bust

After 2 kids and getting in shape the volume of my breast has drastically decreased. With each kid my breast lost size and after working […]

Rhinoplasty for pretty, young, blonde

Rhinoplasty for pretty, young, blonde

Hi, I am a full time college student, working part time to help me pay for my college loans. I come from a low income […]


Need nose job so i could breath properly

I grew up with facial asymmetry, affecting greatly my self esteem. I’m getting an orthognathic surgery to fix the bottom part of my face. Unfortunately, […]


Need larger breasts to truly be a bimbo!

I have all the makings of a sex doll bimbo. Except the breasts. I need them to finally be what I’m supposed to be… I […]


Hannah’s breast investment

Hi, I’m hannah, I’m 19 from the uk. All I want to do is be a glamour model but I feel my boobs are getting […]


You can make me whole again (excuse the pun aha)

Hey there ! I’m 5’7 with naturally curvy body which I lost after the birth of my little girl 16 months ago . Before I […]

Much needed booty :(

Big tit blonde bunny needs help :(

I have big boobs, but need that perfect bunny ass. I would love to save some time on the hours in the gym for other […]


Change my life, make me confident

Hi I have really struggled with my ears since I was little and now with image being a very important thing in life these days […]

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