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Extreme Plastic Bimbo Transformation Goals!

Hi everyone, I’m a 34 year old Canadian girl on a major life changing journey! About a year ago I decided to really focus on […]

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45 year old mother whos trying to hold on to her youth

I lived hard life I’ve been cheated on, abused and abandoned but I’ve always strived to stay above and do as much as I can […]


Beautiful FAT Goddess Needs Help After Weight Loss Surgery!!!

After many years of embracing my overweight figure and showing off as the sweetest brand of cocoa for the world of fat lovers, I have […]


Asian with a big booty seeking titties

Hello, I’m a 20 year old Asian that lives in Las Vegas. I turn 21 in January and want to be able to reach my […]

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pornstar bimbo tits

Desiring a beautiful hour glass figure. Nice round silicone breast, eventually will explore BBL options. Looking to go around 1050CC if not more. I’m always […]


Dancer needs a bigger butt

Hey, I am a student and a belly dancer from Europe who wants to have a bigger butt for my oriental performances to look better […]


Exotic Barbie Seeks Perfection

I am an aspiring model who wishes to perfect her body. People say perfection does not exist, but once you have helped me to achieve […]


Plz read as if 10,000 men give $1 each or 20,000 give 50c each they have co...

HiYa Men… And woman your also very welcome I’m a strong sexy confident young woman and I’m happy with my body & my life overall […]


Help Callie get her groove back

Help me get my groove back, please. Been in the sex industry since I was 18 I’ve had three children. I worked out change my […]


Help me become a perfect F***doll

- I was with a guy who was into this, and he sold me on the “bimbo” life… we broke up lol, but the idea […]

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