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I’m 25 years old and I lost my 3 month baby girl this year on Feb 18th. She was born November 22st and it was the happiest time of my entire life. I nursed her until death and I did everything by the book that a mother should do. She was my world, heart and so much more. After I quit breastfeeding at 3 months (it obviously wasn’t by choice, I self releases my breasts in the sink days after she passed because I was so engorged). I cried the entire time and every time I had to self release or hand pump ‘her milk’. My body just hadn’t caught up that her baby has passed. Oh but my mind did.

Long story short as anyone would presume, I was very depressed and hurt. I barely ate and I think alongside pregnancy/breastfeeding and weight loss, my breast have DEPLETED.
I’m working hard mentally to carry on, VERY HARD. I am in nursing school for the next 2 years and I crave a better future while mourning my baby.
I posted on here for help because my breasts are downright pitiful but it shows so much memory and loss. I cry when I see myself naked, it’s pathetic.
I am hoping for some financial assistance to help me overcome my demons and move on from my daughters loss and because stronger.
I plan on doing this regardless but I cannot afford it.

If you had to look at your saggy small breast everyday knowing they fed and nourished your now deceased child? You would be insecure and want to improve eventually.
Any amount helps, I appreciate all if you for taking the time to read until the end.
What a blessing you are to me

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