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Hello Lovelies , I’m so glad for this chance encounter ! I’m a 31 y/o beautiful black woman recently coming into her own . I’ve recently released myself from a secret that screwed my life up since the tender age of 6 . At 30 I decided I wasn’t going another 30 years depressed , anxious , staying in letting life pass me by. Now here I am , confident and beautiful ! I never took good care of my body I never showed it ! I want my outside to reflect my inside and as already stunning as she is the past neglect shows . Will you help me on this journey ? I hope so ! Every donor will have the opportunity to contact me for questions or just friendship. I’ll also accept custom orders for my followers . Thanks in advance !


31 y/o virgin trying to live life to the max !

Hello Lovelies, I’m a 31 y/o virgin coming into my true form. I’ve lived my life under depression and anxiety because of a decision placed […]