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About cdr242

  • Member Since: November 23, 2019


In 2014, I moved to the United States to begin creating a successful future. It's a move I have not regretted. However, this island girl does get homesick from time to time. Regardless of how many years I have lived in the USA, as we say back home, "There's saltwater in my veins". You can take the girl from the island, but you can't take the island from the girl.

As to why I am on the website, for years I have wanted nothing more to achieve the look of my dreams. There is so much that is achieved with hard work at the gym, but there are parts that do not grow with exercise like I wish they would. In all other aspects of my life I feel like I am making headway. My dream body is not an area that I am making headway. Due to maintaining my current lifestyle I have been unable to have the two procedures I desire. I hope to fix that here.

A dream of being the perfect exotic island girl that I am on the inside and have in reflect on the outside would be a dream come true.

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