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I am a single mom of a 15 year old son! I have busted my butt to get to where I am today. After my husband abandoned me and his son while I was in ICU 3 years ago, yes we haven't heard or seen from him, to go be with his meth head new girlfriend. I have had to overcome hurdles and it hasn't been easy. I opened my own business to try and support me and my son because I can no longer work a normal job. Enough about the poor me crap. The bottom line is that I used to have a great set of boobs! I went from a size D cup to a B cup and just recently dropped to an A cup! I keep asking myself WTF! I know I still look good and I have a body like a teenager. I am small and petite and with a boob job I would get my self esteem back and possibly be able to go get a few jobs that have suggested a bigger chest would bring in more money. I love to wear form fitting outfits and corsets are one of my favorite things to wear. My problem is that I have no boobs so therefor I look flat as a pancake and have no cleavage to show. I am looking for someone to help a lady out who has done everything on her own and deserves a pick me up in life.

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