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Hey Folks! I'm just a small town girl trying to make it a very big world. I'm a mother to my 7yr old. He is my absolute world. I have struggled with weight and being fit due to a hormonal birth control i have been on for 7yrs. I recently stopped it and now im struggling to feel confident and happy with my self. My dream is to be able to walk around my house naked and not feel self conscious. Yes i said my own house! Im that self conscious! I would absolutely love to go to the beach or vacation and actually have fun and not worry and be so sad because of how i look compared to other women. A Brazilian butt lift would give me the curves and tighten my skin in all the right places and give me the butt and body of my dreams with possible implants, Im also hoping to receive enough donations to have a breast augmentation. I don't want to go much larger I'm a DD now but i feel that i could go up 1 or 2 more sizes to achieve more feeled out breast because they are not as feeled out in cleavage and upper fullness. I don't want to have to wear a bra to feel like i look good. I'd love to just never wear a bra again! . I honestly never thought and still don't think this dream will ever come true for me. I stay so busy i do not have time to work out enough to achieve the body without cosmetic surgery. I'm also trying to raise enough money to start college in the fall to become a elementary teacher. But i just don't make enough to afford it and still provide a good life for my son. He is and always will be my priority. But just once it would be nice to have something for myself. I came from a family who constantly put me down and degraded me out of being jealous and it caused low self esteem. To be able to be confident is so powerful and uplifting, This would be amazing to achieve this life changing dream. Im not Asking for handouts either i would gladly make payments monthly to pay you back for your extremely generous donations. I have never asked for help before but im desperate and want this more than anything else! I want to be happy with my self all of me. Ill gladly send post and pre opp pictures as well and always stay in touch. This means so much to me and is so important to me. ALSO If you would like to donate extra for my college fund that would be incredible! I hope to hear from you soon! Im trying to keep this short but you can certainly message me if you would like to know more! The total for cosmetic surgery im needing is a minimum of $12,000 for the Brazilian butt lift and if i get breast augmentation too then I'll need $22,000 total. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this even if you choose not to donate your amazing for helping women like me!

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