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Hi.Happy to provide identification before any donations. Private pics available for any assistance. Chat. And even pick one person who donated to my dream to meet with face to face for a day together. Happy to make friendships hopefully made for keeps with genuine,lovely people who can assist me. I would love to get some help towards my breasts being bigger. I’d not only love that on a personal level but I also want photo work while I’m young and still have the chance to become a model..

I’m a single mother who works hard to give my children what they want in life. Unfortunately I don’t get to spend money on myself very often as they come first. I’ve trained hard over the years,worked a lot of hours in hairdressing and beauty, went to college for medical school, moved a lot worked so many jobs I can't begin to count. Just trying to come up on an extra dollar to save. But still have not managed to get the money together for the enlargement. I had a lump sum at one point but my heart went out to a family member who was desperate for an agumentation to save her marriage.. so of course I put myself last to help out my sister in law. 5 years later I'm still here with a boy shaped chest. The little "cups" (if you can even call them that) that i do have have been nursed on by my babies so now i have a saggy flat chest. Im so desperate to be sexy, to feel sexy naked. I have great hips. A nice butt. I would love for my breasts to be bigger, I can do it through fat transfers from my mid section or implants. . My dream is More rounded. Fuller. Beautiful breasts. I want to feel more confident and sexier in life. . Anyone who helps me to raise funds is welcome to pictures before and after. Updates would be given. Pics on request. Cam. And I'll even pick 1 person to meet up with wherever you may be in the world, to spend the day with after my argumentation. Just so you can see in person the confidence it has given me. I could dance again and feel sexy doing it. I could walk around my house naked and finally look in the mirror feeling fierce. I could take sexy pictures and not delete every last one because I wouldn't feel like my small breasts have taken my feeling of being a sexy woman away from me.. I'm a tall beautiful woman and just dream of being happy with beautiful bouncy breasts.

Please make my wish come true.

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