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About Mariagetsalift


This is a long bio because I want to be taken serious.
I found this site unfortunately at a wrong timing. I have been contemplating on making a post for my needs with everything going on in the USA (rioting and protesting and covid-19) after a week of thinking, I decided to take this risk.

... I have lost a total of 147lbs as of today, I do want to lose additional 30lbs (I haven’t reached my final goal; however, I know a lot of the extra 30lbs is excess skin)

I have always been overweight for as long as I can remember. I was 50lbs overweight during my pre-teens, and I have never managed to get better as I got older. Outside of FDA guidelines, my mother began putting me on diet pills since the age of 13. I have tried numerous things to lose weight since then, including HCG injections in the belly area, acupuncture starvation, endless diets including 500 or less calories a day diets, with and without doctor supervision... all through the ages of 13 to at least 21.

I’m not denying I never lost any weight at all; I have always lost a certain amount with
everything I tried, 20-30lbs seemed to be the average but I would either regain it back in a short amount of time or double. It has always been that way and because of that I have never thought I’d ever be somewhat of an average size; an acceptable size! I have also dated 1 guy during my late teens who thought the same, “I will never be ‘skinny’”, was something he’d say... since I
was 17 weighing in at 240lbs. That has never left my thoughts, clearly as I’m still somewhat struggling to accept this new unexpected me.

Since the start of my weight loss journey (I had a wakeup call when I was showing signs of
prediabetes at the age of 22) ... I was always told by friends and family... “don’t worry you are young, you won’t have excess skin”, but they don't seem to comprehend that this body was 150lbs overweight, and it was always somewhat over 30lbs since a child... I mean elementary school was no fun!

Anyways I digress... my body genuinely needs 360 body lift. However, I'm being realistic that everything needs time, money, and I can't do it all in one sitting. My main focus is dealing with my biggest insecurities first! which are...

Breast Lift 5K USD
Arm Lift (Extended version) 5K USD

I went from a 44D to a possible 36C or B. The C cup bra has some space, but I know it is
sagging and it has excess skin. B cup seems fine, but a push up C bra does give me that better filling.) With the lift I am expecting to be at least a B cup, in which I'm fine with being.

An Arm Lift specifically extended. I haven’t worn anything shorter than a three-quarter sleeve shirt in public for over 3 years. I have excess skin from my armpits all the way through my upper forearm. I have a hard time shaving my armpits because of it.

Arm Lift (Varies by situation). Considering I need an extension from my lower armpit to my forearm... Google Florida Arm Lift “The typical cost of an arm lift consists of the arm lift surgery fee, Anesthesia, and the surgical facility fee. This generally brings the cost of an arm lift to between
$5000, and $7,000 depending on the extent of the arm lift surgery.”
I will only be asking the minimum from this average price... $5,000
Total wish price: 10,000$ USD

Thank you for reaching the end of my nonsense speech, if you donate, trust me from the bottom of my heart, thank you! It means a-lot to me even if it’s a short few dollars.

With love and care, Maria

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