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About MariaRose


Hello gentlemen! My name is Maria and I’m a 22 year old bartender! I’m looking to get my extremely relaxed breasts lifted! I would also like to do a fat transfer to increase their size as well.

I’ve always been a very confident person but everytime I see myself without a bra it all flys out the window. It would be amazing to not have to wear a bra! I live with my parents because I’m trying to save to buy a house and skip wasting money on apartments.

I do have a serious boyfriend who isn’t in love with the idea of me sharing my body with others. I am willing to send a before and after shot with nipples covered. I know it will probably hurt my chances of getting donations not sending pictures but I just really need the help.

I really hope anyone is willing to help! I need to be confident 100%! I love myself but not all myself. You’d be making me the happiest woman ever. Xo


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Hi! My name is Maria and I’m a 22 year old Bartender! I have extremely relaxed breasts. I’d love to fix that and do a […]